I've been studying the Law of Attraction for a number of years now and while I've fundamentally got the whole concept of how we have to take responsibility for our lives because it's us that attracts everything into our lives, the one thing that I've constantly struggled with explaining to myself (and others) and has head me scratching my head and running around in circles, is why do we attract such bad stuff into our lives.

I know, that's a hell of a long sentence, but bear with me.

For anybody whose a regular visitor to this site, you know I'm a fan of Dr Robert Anthony if you  click on any of the buttons at left to look at the review pages.  It seems like reviews for his programs outnumber everything else.  That's only coz they do coz they're so damn good (and yes, more of his programs are on the way as I'm currently reviewing them). 

Anyway, if you own a copy of The Secret (the book, not the DVD) then you'll find on page xv in the Acknowledgements that Dr Robert Anthony is listed in the thanks.  Dr Anthony, was in fact, one of the very first people contacted to participate in The Secret but very quickly turned it down.  It wasn't any reason at which he could target the producer with criticism or anything like that, it was just that his intuition told him to say "No". 

I'm glad he did because I've been studying his Law of Attraction programs for the last several weeks now (so stay tuned for the upcoming review page/s).  Anyway, the penny about the reason why we attract bad things into our lives finally dropped.

Now before I go on, let me just clarify one thing.  I am still of the opinion that random things do happen and I don't think that the Law of Attraction is involved 100% of the time.  But I am equally convinced, if not more so, that the Law of Attraction is far more active in our lives than any of us realise, even the experts.  If you want me to give specific numbers, then I would say that random events make up less than 5% of what happens in our lives, and the real tally is probably closer to less than 1%.

So, back to why we attract bad things into our lives.  As I said, I've been studying Dr Robert Anthony's Law of Attraction teachings for the last few weeks and the penny has finally dropped.  Literally only in the last two to three days.

Why do we attract bad things into our lives? 

Fear.  Pure and simple.  We attract what we fear.

Hate.  Pure and simple.  We attract what we hate.

Don't believe me?  If you fear something, or have even just a little anxiety about it, then that fear or anxiety causes you to focus your attention on that one thing.  Remember the Law of Attraction is all about like attracts like.  So what happens is that you've made your energy frequency (remember the Eintsein quote from the other day?) match the thing you've been fearing or anxious about by focusing your attention on it and you've drawn it to you like a magnet.

But you've been focusing on avoiding it, is your answer.  Doesn't matter.  You see, it's all about your subconscious, and your subconscious doesn't give a fat rat's rear end about whether you want it or not, or whether you're trying to avoid it or not.  All it knows is that you've been focusing your attention on that one thing so as far as it's concerned, you must want that bear to jump out of the shrubs and onto the path and bite you in the butt.  That's just the way your subconscious works.

But what about what you hate?

Same thing.

No?  What about when someone says that you behave exactly like that bully you hated at school?  Again, the reason is your subconscious.  Because you hated that bully so much, you focused your attention on them and the way they treated you and others.  What then happens is that the focus you gave the bully's behaviour then makes that person a role model for your subconscious.  And again, your subconscious doesn't care one way or the other whether that person you're focusing on is someone you love or hate.  As far as your subconscious is concerned, just because you're focusing so much energy on that person in the form of attention and emotion then to it, you must want to be just like them.  So what it does is it takes that bully's behaviour as something to be modelled to influence yours.  Love or hate really has nothing to do with it.  It's just attention.

That's why we attract bad things.  Instead, if we focus our attention on the things that we want, instead of what we don't want, then we'll get the things we want.

Let's say that you're sick of being broke.  If you focus your attention on being sick of being broke, what happens is that you attract more of being broke to be sick of.  But if you focus your attention on how much money you have and how to increase it so that you can have even more, what happens is that you attract more money into your life.

The same rule works for something like health as well.  If you have health issues that you want to get rid of (entirely possible as far as I'm concerned, depending on the issue), then you've got two choices.  If you concentrate your attention on the issue and why it holds you back and that you want to be rid of it, you're just manifesting more of the same.  But what if you changed the focus of your attention to being in good health and what you had to do to be healthy?  All of a sudden, you've got more energy, you feel better and you start doing more of the things you need to do to live a healthy life and the next thing you know you're healthy and living a healthy life.

That's how it works.

At least, that's how it works for me.
10/13/2011 06:27:47

Well look at me, my arthritis inflammation has dropped dramatically and I move and feel absolutely fantastic. Law of attraction works!


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