"No man is an island." - John Donne
Many people often claim that they don't need anyone to get ahead in life, that they don't need anyone's help to be successful, but the reality of that is actually the opposite.  If you look carefully at people who say these things as a mantra then how successful can they really be?  Or, if we were to ask a question that requires a more honest answer, just how successful are they in reality?

Usually you'll find that the answer is "not very, if at all".  And the simple reason for that is that life is a team sport.  In other words, nobody gets very far in life without help from someone else.  If you look at every successful person in the world then you have to acknowledge that they are successfull because they are part of a team or because they are the head of a team.  There are no exceptions to this rule ever.  Bill Gates?  Head of the Microsoft team.  Steve Jobs?  Head of the Apple team.  Sir Richard Branson?  Head of the Virgin team. 

Think hard and try to find someone who is massively successful who did it on their own.  I'll guarantee you that you can't.  Angelina Jolie?  Nope.  Part of a team that consists of her, her agent, manager, publicist, directors, producers, lighting and sound guys, location managers, security staff, caterers et cetera, et cetera.

Nobody gets anywhere without being part of a team.  That's why you need to pick your team carefully and keep good relationships in your life.  If you're surrounded by winners, or people who work hard on having a winning attitude then you'll be a winner.  If you're surrounded by people who are losers or have a losing attitude you'll be a loser.  The advantage though is that the losers are as easy to spot as the winners are when you have some practice.

If you make sure that your relationships are positive and strong then, and you've got a good plan that you can follow and stick to, then reaching your goals in life is going to be your foregone conclusion.

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    G'day everyone.  I'm an Aussie Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotist (www.americanallianceofhypnotists.org)  and author with a passion for making every relationship in our lives the best it can be.   I work at local, state, national and international levels.  I am also a Callahan Techniques Thought Field Therapy practitioner trained by Eugene Piccinotti TFT - dx, and I studied Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner Level (MNLP) under Steve G Jones at the American University of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
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