I've said before that I don't actually watch a hell of a lot of television.  If I was to clarify the point, I'd have to say that I have the TV on quite a bit of an evening, but the truth is that actually watching anything is quite rare.  It's usally on for background noise.

In all honesty, I love silence, but sometimes I just like some background noise, so on goes the television and I treat it much like our caveman ancestors.  I look into it like they looked into their ancient cooking fires and I disappear, letting my subconscious mind ruminate on what it needs to deal with.

The reason I don't actually watch a lot of television programs is very simple.  You see, the one place that I've discovered where scarcity is actually very real and abundance a genuinely foreign concept, is television land.  There is  a real dearth of quality entertainment on our television sets.

I'm not saying that quality entertainment doesn't exist, I'm just saying television programmers seem to be increasingly reluctant to broadcast it for the simple reason that they have to follow the golden rule of television which seems to be to aim for the lowest common denominator.

I'll give you an example.  Let's look at the show Jersey Shore.  It's a show I've never seen, and if I'm to be perfectly honest about it, from what I've seen on ads, I think I'd rather get a full body wax than watch it.

But when you've got a "cast" member called "The Situation" who drives around with a car seat full of aerosol powered hair product for his own personal use... Do you see where I'm going?

If I hear one more person complaining about the dumming down of America, England, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, then the first thing I'm going to demand is for them to list their television viewing.

Then there's the magazine style current affairs programs that don't ask hard-hitting questions of "aquitted" murderers after paying a small fortune to the individual in question.  Either that or they script a story so that no matter what an interview subject says the story is cut so that there is no way that said subject can emerge in any positive way.

I have a friend and mentor who voluntarily went onto to one of these shows to try to publicize the good work that he used to do as a healer and therapist.  He was told by the reporter covering his story that if she didn't buy it she was going to destroy him.

So of course our countries have been dummed down!

And we're the ones who have to take responsibility for it.  Because we're the ones who let the media get away with this crap.  So we need to stop complaining about the choices we make and take responsibility for them instead.

And just in case you're interested, my friend and mentor has honourably retired from what he used to do as a full-time career and is now a very successful executive representing a very ethical multi-national company. 

And the reporter who promised to bury him?  Well I just saw her on TV the other day.  Apparently the world of television magazine style journalism no longer suits her.  It seems doing the occasional infomercial is more ethical.

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