So it's been a couple of weeks since I've been able to do a post.  For once, I can't say it's because of my back issues, or medical appointments or anything even remotely within the perview of my control.  Nope. Nothing like that at all.


It was my telco.  My telecommunications provider.  Not my ISP.  I keep the two of them separate.  It was my telco.

What happened was that we came home from doing our grocery shopping the Friday before last (April 20, 2012) and I went to log on and couldn't.  I went to log on only to find that I couldn't and after doing several things I went and visited some local tech experts and they recommended I call my ISP.  When I got home that's exactly what I did, only to discover that when I picked up the phone we had no landline... at all.

Using a cell phone we called the telco and were told that it was a widespread issue and it would be sorted by the following day at the latest.  We advised them of the need to get it sorted quickly as I run a web-based business and required the landline to do so.  A day without the net.  Inconvenient, but easily manageable.  Then several hours later they called to say that no, the problem wouldn't be solved until Monday 23 April.  The inconvenience level shot up, but it was still doable if I only lost a day of productivity the following week.

Monday rolled around and there was no telco joy to be had.  This is four days now.  Given that the bulk of my business is via this website, I've so far been locked out of any chance of earning any income for four days so far and I'm getting frustrated.

Tuesday comes along and we phone them and we get told, "Oh yes, it'll be fixed by 7 pm this evening."  It wasn't.  And Wednesday we were unable to do anything about it as 25 April is ANZAC Day, a public holiday in Australia.  It's the day we commemmorate all those who've served this great country of ours.

So Thursday 26 April we tried again.  We were informed that it would be fixed by midday.  Some time after midday, it was fixed.

Seven days without a landline.  Seven days locked out of my business.  Seven days kept away from you, my loyal readers.  Seven days without a landline in modern suburban Melbourne.  And let's not forget that we weren't the only ones affected.  I live in a community with a significant population of elderly people.  What risk were they placed at by this?

And yes, my telco, I'm ticked off and I'm okay with it.  That's why you're getting a bill.

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