For those of you for whom it is still Sunday, I hope you're enjoying a great weekend.  For those of us for whom it's now Monday, Happy Monday Everybody!  I received an interesting email over the weekend from somebody I didn't even know was a reader of this blog or even a fan of the site.  She has requested to stay anonymous but suffice it to say that she is very well known in the personal development arena and, somewhat of a hero of mine and many people I know.

In the email, she explained how she'd become a fan of mine but that she wanted a bit of clarity on something.  She wanted to know why the majority of the articles I publish out on the net are to do with repairing a broken relationship, but here I post more about Law of Attraction, self-confidence, health and many other concepts that are more relevant to the fields of therapy and coaching.  So I thought I'd take this opportunity to answer her.

A big part of the reason is my own sanity.  I need to mix things up even within the same stream or boredom gets to me in a huge way.  It doesn't mean I lack focus, but I need to have a broader perspective to keep it interesting for myself and others.  If I can't keep it interesting for myself, then you're going to get bored/frustrated too and I have no desire to do that to other people.

The second reason is that I'm a coach and therapist myself.  So I tend to write things in my articles and here on my blog in a way that translates to reading like it's been written by a coach and therapist.  I'm always looking for a way to help someone overcome a challenge, and I must confess that when someone, even a friend comes to me for assistance and I guide them through the best way we can find to for them to deal with their challenge, when they just don't bother I get quite frustrated.

As an example, only last week I had a friend approach me to help with a purchase she was looking at.  As a bit of background, this is a friend who talks quite a lot about lacking financial, as well as other  resources in her life and is frustrated by that.  She often comes to me to discuss things and find the best way for her to deal with her challenges.  I'm always happy to help.  Anyway, for this particular challenge, she was looking at buying a more up to date computer for one of her children than he already has.  She was looking at one particular package that was put together by a retailer.  It was an all inclusive package that even included the requisite software and had these flashy things called USB's all for the bargain price of $500.

Sounds like a great deal, and it is.  The only downside about this particular deal I could point out was that this particular retailer only has a 60 day return to store warranty.  Anything after that involves couriers (expensive) and being without the computer for up to 2-3 weeks.

Within minutes I found a deal for her that saved her anything up to $250 and had a 12 month return to store warranty on the system if she and her kid transferred his current OS to the new system and then upgraded it and he kept his current peripherals.  Her reply was, "I'd rather just spend the money," and it was money that she was borrowing.

Do you see my frustration point?  I responded that if that was the case I never wanted to hear her complain about having a lack of money again, especially when she was going to be spending money that was being borrowed from someone who had their own issues to deal with.

The other reason I do things the way I do is because I see things as all being interconnected.  I just see life as being an interconnected organic construct.  In fact, if you look at the homepage you'll see the two quotes I've chosen that, to me, sum up the philosophy behind my site, my business and my life. 

Everything and everyone that we come into contact with constitutes a relationship.  We have a relationships with people that we're related to, friends, colleagues, food, money, entertainment, the environment, technology and our most important relationship of all, our relationship with ourself.  You name it, we have a relationship with it.  Some of our relationships are absolutely great.  Others not so. 

So as a coach, I'm always looking for ways to uplift.  I'm always looking for the information or product that is going to give people the best result that they're after.  So if someone is going through a rough patch in their romantic life, I'm going to use an article about that to guide them here where everything I've reviewed can help them.

Don't believe me?  The Magic of Making Up is the number one ebook on the subject of repairing a broken relationship and T-Dub is amazing for the support he offers customer.  You can get great email and snail mail support from him.

How self-cofident are you?  Either because a relationship has suffered or if your relationships are suffering because of it.  Believe it or not, the best gift you can give anyone is a confident you.  You level of confidence affects your relationships at every level of your life.

What about your health?  Ditto.  

So now you understand why I do things the way I do them.  Enjoy the rest of your day, because love's got everything to do with it. 

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