I can't claim to be a huge fan of the so-called reality shows, mostly because they're entirely devoid of reality and the truth is that they're really just an extreme form of game show.  And I have to say that my favourite game show came back onto television last night.

Masterchef Australia.

And it was while I was watching it last night that I had a thought keep rattling itself around in my head as I continue on my weight management/reduction journey.  The thought was of the importance of food in our lives.

When I say that food is important, I'm not just talking about nourishing our bodies in order to fuel them.  I'm also talking about nourishing our hearts and souls too.

This is where so much of the "weight-loss" industry fails its customers.  Aside from the ustilization of language choices that are going to set their clientele up for failure, the industry as a whole fails to take into account the "hearts and minds" of their customer base.  The entirety of what most "weight-loss experts" see is a body with too much fat, and that's about it.

In other words, you're seen as a carcass, not a whole person.

And then you're made to feel guilty about all your favourite foods.

Is anybody seeing something wrong with this picture?

Of course there is room in your life for your favourite foods.  How else are you going to nourish your heart and soul?  The answer is to strike some sort of balance.  It's actually not that difficult.

For example, last night I had pizza, an absolute favourite.  Tonight, roast pork with vegetables.  Tomorrow, cassoulet.  The night after is either going to be stir-fried chicken and veges with brown rice or grass fed steak with vegetables.  The next night will be a sweet potato and lentil curry with brown rice.  Friday will probably be fish and chips.  Saturday will probably be a ragu with gnocchi or a tuna casserole.

On the surface most of the meals look like comfort food, and to a degree they are.  We're coming into a chilly Aussie winter so it's the perfect time for it.  The thing is though, in almost every meal their's a lot of healthy ingredients.  All the vegetables are either fresh or snaplock frozen to seal in the vital nutrients.  In most cases the meats are locally sourced and my local supermarket is providing customers with non-GMO grass-fed beef.  Almost every meal I cook with rice uses brown rice (except for the occasional risotto).  I also eat quite a few pulses too.  As much as I love meat, we don't have to eat it every single meal to be healthy.

So all up, a typical week will include up to two "junk" meals and or one or two "luxury" meals.  Three to four meals per week are of the well-balanced proper portion variety.  And in another couple of months (probably around August or September) I'll start nourishing myself with more salads again. 

So remember if you want to live a healthy wealthy life, you need to nourish your heart and soul as well as your body.

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