When I talk to people about the Law of Attraction, many of them are familiar with the movie The Secret, but they seem to be under the impression that all the answers are in that DVD.  The truth of the matter is, of course, that nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, while I maintain that The Secret is a brilliant introduction to the whole Law of Attraction concept, that's all it is.  An introduction.  After all, with a universal law that is, while very simple on one level, full of undreamt of complexity on other levels, how much can you say about it in 90 minutes?  And even the stars of the movie agree with that.

By way of example, Bob Proctor has partnered up with Mary Morrisey and created a course called The 11 Forgotten Laws (I have no material connection to this program).  John Assaraf has his own program, as does Dr Joe Rubino and Dr Joe Vitale.

As another example, Mr Proctor has teamed up with Jack Canfield and Michael Bernard Beckwith to create another program based on the teachings of Wallace Wattles in his classic book The Science of Getting Rich.  Again, with a lot more involved than in the movie they all appeared in together(no affiliation here either).

Now before I go on I want to be clear on one very important fact.  In no way am I accusing any of these people (including other stars of the movie who I haven't mentioned up to or at this point in time) of cashing in on the Law of Attraction "craze".  All of these people were involved with the Law of Attraction long before they were approached to be in The Secret and were teaching the concept for many years prior to the movie as well.  No, the entire point of what I'm saying is that the movie is a great introduction and nothing more.

The only problem with it being what it is, is that there are so many people out there who buy it, watch it or read the book (which is just a transcript of the movie) and think that's all there is to it.  So what happens then is that they realise everything in it makes sense, then sit down, close their eyes, wish for a million dollars to drop into their lap not really expecting that it will, and then, when it doesn't happen, their prevailing thought is that it's all a load of crap.

Are there peope who can wish for a lazy million and have it drop into their laps five minutes later?  I'm sure there are, but I'm also sure that they are very rare individuals who've been working with these concepts for a long, long time. 

In the meantime, the rest of us have to take a little bit of action.  But this is not a bad thing.  In fact, in the movie The Opus, which many of the stars of The Secret went on to appear in to basically say, "Hey, that's not all there is to it."  Jack Canfield quite gleefully pointed out that action is a necessary and vital step in the process.  He even pointed something out that I've adopted, and that is that if you look at the last six letters of the word "attraction" you have the verb "action".

The whole point is that action doesn't have to be odious or even tortuous.  Once you're in alignment with your goal, it actually becomes fun.  It actually becomes what is called "inspired action".  Yes action is necessary and even vital, but it doesn't have to be horrible.

The other point is that be wary of someone telling you that they'll turn you into a master in an hour or two, or that all you have to do is wish upon a star.  I've come across teacher like that myself, and they genuinely do lack the results to back up what they're claiming.  Some of them even claim to be internationally renowned experts when they're not.

To mention one of my absolute favourite teachers of the subject (again) I need to bring up Dr Robert Anthony.  Not only is Dr Anthony an internationally renowned expert on the Law of Attraction, he was one of the direct inspirations for The Secret and turned down a request to be in it.  He did it because he just didn't feel that the movie would be able to do the concept justice the way he could.  He then released his own program (which I do love and I have a material connection to).

Because of his programs, Dr Anthony is affectionately known as Dr Bob in our house because we feel we've gotten to know him through his teachings, and yes, he's acknowledged that us calling him that is okay.  His program on the Law of Attraction is called The Secret of Deliberate Creation and it covers the whole concept brilliantly in a lot of detail.  Over six hours worth of detail in fact.  He even sets you a homework assignment in recouping the cost of the program.  Now you'd think that at $167 it would be a pretty hard ask.  Actually it's not.  In one swoop I manifested $668 in savings on an online course that I wanted to do.  You can double that if you include that my partner, well, she also wanted to do this particular online course.  Then add to that she called one of our utility providers with a query only to be informed that we'd been overcharged over $300 and that they would issue an immediate refund.  So it works.  Over $1000 manifested in savings and refunds in a couple of weeks without really trying.  And there lies the real secret.  Without really trying.

Imagine what we could have accomplished with a bit of action.

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