If you're reading this on the other side of the International Date Line it's probably Sunday, but here in the wide brown land of Oz it's Monday morning.  Being the start of December it's the beginning of the Christmas Season.  Let's face it, it's not a day and never has been.  If you're not sure about that one then think about the song The Twelve Days of Christmas.  Christmas is actually a festival, not a day and, you guessed it if you didn't already know, it went for twelve days.

And I get double the celebrations, whether I want them or not.  You see, the start of December begins for me one of those crazy times of year that is a birthday season in my offline life.  I call it a birthday season because it's one of those times when you just get a massive run of friends and relatives who have birthdays, plus it's the lead up to Christmas. 

Now here in Australia we have a nickname for this time of the year.  With Christmas fast approaching, followed virtually immediately by New Year, we call it the Silly Season.  I'm guessing that wherever you are you have a similar nickname for it, if not an identical one.  And we call it that because it's the time of the year when we tend to get a little silly and overeat, as well as overindulge in other things.

As someone who regularly writes about health and weight reduction, you'd expect me to come up with a list of things about how to avoid the overindulgence or to come up with a list of foods you could cook that have all the culinary interest (taste) of cardboard and the nutritional value of sugar.

I'm not going to do anything of the sort.  In fact, I'm going to do almost what seems to be the opposite.  All I'm going to do is to tell you to keep your health and weight reduction goals in your mind.  Relax and live a little.  Eat what you want and if you want to scale back on the exercise, that's fine too.  Just keep focused on what your goals are because if you do that, what will actually happen, is that your mind will bring you back into your health and fitness routine with a minimum of effort.  Or it'll make you compensate by going for an extra walk or jog during the Silly Season, again, with a minimum of psychological effort.

So food wise, it's actually going to benefit you to do pretty much what you want for a week or two.  Leave the guilt at the door.  It might motivate you to put the walking shoes on and head out the door.  But it's not going to keep you motivated for five or six kilometres (or miles depending on where you're reading this).  Focusing on your goal will do that.  Plus you'll be playing into the natural evolution of your body too.

So many experts tell us to graze throughout the day because that's what our bodies have evolved to do.  And that is entirely true.  In times of plenty.  Then there were the hard times when our ancestors went without food because they had to go without food because they had no choice, or they were able to find some sticks or rocks to graze on.

The experts conveniently ignore certain things that just don't fit into their theories, like the fact that our ancestors lived in times of plenty and times of hardship.  Our evolution was dictated by life cycles, and those cycles included cycles of famine where excess weight was shed, and cycles of feasting.  So in a feast cycle our ancestors would gorge themselves and then shed it in the following famine cycle.

Some now think that is the best way to reduce weight.  I know I've had some benefit from this approach.  Mini-famine and mini-feast cycles have helped me shed weight gradually and I feel great for it.  The problem in our modern lifestyle comes in the fact that we have such an overabundance that we tend to choose to live in a time of permanent feasting, and now we have a time of obesity at epidemic proportions.

So focus on your goal at this time.  Eat what you want and focus on your goal.  Have a picture in a frame and look at it every morning and every night.  Really feel what it's like to live in that body.  And, one way or another your subconscious is going to be bringing you back on track and it will be in a way that you will find to be virtually effortless and guilt-free.

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