If you recall last week, in my post about the Melbourne Cup, I talked about the importance of celebrating.  If you've been reading long enough, you'll know that Law of Attraction isn't the only interest I have, but health and nutrition is as well.

You see, back in June, I began a weight-loss journey.  Then about a month or so later, I got a copy of Dr Robert Anthony's Zero Resistance Weight Release program, and I switched from a weight-loss journey to a weight release/shedding/dropping journey and I've been on that journey ever since.  I'm not at my goal yet, in fact, I feel like I've still got quite a way to go, but I'm celebrating today, and here's why.

Here in Oz it's Monday (and no, that's not why I'm celebrating).  Having had to reduce my weekly workout plans because of a tendonitis flare up last week (it's in my left shoulder) I was able to finally get back into the full swing of it this morning.  My weekly workout plan goes a little something like this:

Monday:  cardio and resistance training with weights(aimed as an all-over body workout).

Tuesday:  cardio and body weight resistance training.

Wednesday:  cardio and resistance training with weights(this time for strength).

Thursday:  cardio and resistance body weight training.

All the cardio is on a treadmill and goes for different durations of time and incline level to facilitate real functional fitness.  Having said that, a daily workout usually takes less than thirty minutes daily.

But what about Friday, Saturday and Sunday?  That actually depends on the weather.  If the weather permits, we go for a walk around our local neighbourhood.  If it's too hot, or too wet?  We stay home and have the day off.

Okay all that sounds great, but why are you celebrating?  Well, to answer that, it was only a few weeks into the journey when I stopped the weekly weigh-ins and waist measurements because I wanted it to be about real results and how I felt about them, not about a couple of sets of numbers.  The numbers are important, but they're not the most important thing and I didn't want to get myself into a mindset that is so common in this type of situation, ie; obsessing about those numbers.

So I resolved that I would only take measurements occasionally, once every few weeks at most.  So according to the scales today I've shed over 6kg (over 13lbs) in weight.  Apparaently, I've gained a couple of kilos back, but I'm going to guess that's lean muscle mass. Either that or I need new scales.  I'm saying that because when I took my waist measurement this morning, I've shed 16cm (roughly 6.5") off my waist using Dr Robert Anthony's Zero Resistance Weight Release program.  That's why I'm celebrating.

And all with real food.  Not a soy burger or protein shake in sight.  And I wouldn't touch most soy products if I was paid to.  Not with the toxins that's found in them (if you're interested I can do a post about this later).  Nope.  All real food.  Steak, chicken, fruits, yoghurt, vegetables.  And yes, bacon and eggs qualify as a health food according to a study released earlier this year by the University of Alabama.

So how do you do it?  You don't even have to alter your portion sizes by an evormous factor, but you do have to create a calorie deficit over the course of your week.  In other words, if you want to eat and shed weight at the same time, you've got to get off your butt.  But there is good news.  You don't have to run a marathon every day to do it.  Walking is enough (I know some of my friends reading this are runners and I'm assuming that running distances daily is working for you so keep doing it).  For those of you that don't like to run (I'm one of you) then walk briskly.  All you've got to do is get your heart rate up a little and get a light sheen of sweat happening to elevate your fitness level.  And always check with your doctor before you start anything like this.  In my case, checking with my doctor was the cause of it.

So, now you know why I'm celebrating.  I think I might have an extra roast potato with my steak and red wine gravy.  Mmmmmmmmmm.  I can taste it already.

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