It is official.  While statistically Australia overtook America a few years ago as the fattest nation on earth, one of two things is going to happen.  Either within the next two years America is going to win the title back in a landslide victory, or it's going to be made public that some number cruncher screwed up and us Aussies had never won the race in the first place.  Even when the news was announced a couple of years ago, Aussie celebrity media commentator and journalist Eddie Mcguire, who'd been on a recent trip to the US made the very public statement that, "Anyone who thinks Australia is the fattest nation on earth has never been to Disneyland."

Making news on Facebook over the weekend was the extraordinary decision by the US Congress to officially recognize pizza as a vegetable.  Yep.  You read that correctly.  Pizza is now officially a vegetable in the USA.

I have just one question for the dignitaries of the United States government.

Are you FRIKKIN' kidding me?


Look, I know I'm usually the one who's telling you to work and play well with others.  I'm also the one who jokes that chicken is one of my favourite vegetables.  I'm also the one who shares with you my successes and setbacks in my own weight reduction journey (doing okay if not spectacular and that's fine).  And I will publicly state here for the record, pizza is one of my all time favourite foods.

But what it is not, is a vegetable regardless of what the "august" personages would now have us believe.

Let me take this moment to explain what makes a vegetable.  IT'S A VEGETABLE!

What I find to be absolutely mindboggling is the criteria they have set so as to reclassify this Italian classic as a vegie.  Apparently they reckon that two tablespoons of tomato sauce qualifies as a vegetable.  Now let me explain how this one works in the real world.  IT'S GOT TWO TABLESPOONS OF TOMATO SAUCE!

It's not a vegetable.  Legislating that it is doesn't make it so.  And if we want to be botanically specific, tomatoes are actually fruit.  And no, it doesn't qualify pizza as a fruit either.

I can just see it now.  English celebrity chef Jamie Oliver having conniptions and bouncing off walls, wailing.  I can't blame him.  I'm doing just about that now.  All over the developed world we're faced with an obesity epidemic that is going to end the lives of pretty much an entire generation before their own parents pop their clogs and all from entirely preventable diseases.

This just goes to show that the most expensive vegetable patch in the world is voted for by the American people.  It just goes to show that not only does one not actually need intelligence to enter politics, or as is the case in many instances, to get a college degree, that intelligence and common sense may actually be a hindrance.

 I've heard many people over the years call for a food revolution.  Jamie Oliver is really just the latest in a long line and I think we should support him in this quest all over the developed world.  But when things like this happen, can we blame someone if they call for a food revolution to be armed? I can't say I'd blame them for calling for it but let me be equally emphatic is saying that I wouldn't support that call.

The problem is that we all need to stop handing the responsibility for this to the politicians.  We need to say to them, that they're not dietitians, nutritionists or scientists.  We need to say to them, "Look, you go over there and do whatever it is that you need to do.  I'll be over here living my life so just stay out of my way."

It used to be that people like this were voted into office as a way of putting them somewhere where they could do the least harm to society.  Unfortunately, somewhere along the way we stopped paying attention to what we needed to be doing and started letting them do it.  I suppose we've go no one to blame but ourselves.

Look, if you've got a weight challenge, then relying on these people is going to be the worst thing you can do.  The only way you're going to overcome this challenge is by taking responsibility for it yourself.  All you need to do is two things.  Eat properly (and yes, it can be done with real food ie: real vegetables) and move. 

And you can even eat t

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