That's right.  Love it or loathe it, Christmas is here.  It's too late to get away from it, and given the cost of blasting off into space is prohibitive, you just have to put up with it one way or another.

In my adult life, I can't claim to be the most "Christmassy" person I know.  And I can't claim to be religious either.  In fact I have to claim the exact opposite if I'm going to be honest here.  So what, then, does Christmas mean to the "heathen" author of this blog?

Well, the Good Lady is busy making gingerbread men (men coz none of them are wearing dresses - sorry about that), Christmas Tree cookies and traditional Russian Christmas cookies (we're both Irish decent - go figure that one) and I'm here.  Interesting role reversal because I'm usually the one who cooks, although come Christmas day, I'm doing the Aussie classic Pavlova (the OED got it wrong and has admitted it didn't even check its sources) and garlic prawns (shrimp to my American friends) with Thousand Island Dressing.

But what does Christmas actually mean?  Presents?  They're nice, but no.  Church?  Interferes with drinking time.  Food?  Great, even when I'm trying to shed weight because it's a time of feast.  I'll get back to the famine next week.  So what then does it mean?  Sharing and spending time with the people I care about.  That's it.  Simple really.

Once upon a time, I used to throw a Christmas party.  The only conditions were that you had to be single, male, thirsty and have nobody to spend Christmas with and supply your own booze.  If you were hungry, you'd bring something to share.  Their was one more rule.  You had to be a good friend of mine.

Now these parties were never huge in the number of attendees, but the one thing they were was a lot of fun. How do I know that?  The guys who attended would talk about it for most of the following year.  Then the year after, they'd talk about how the last one compared to the one before.  The other great thing was that the guys would say how great it was to be able to count on having someone to spend Christmas with.

That was it.  That was all.  A group of single guys getting together (admittedly over a lot of booze) to share one of the most important days of the year with someone because most of us lived a long distance away from our families.  That was why I did it.

Most of us have gone our separate ways now.  I mean, it was over a decade ago that all that happened.  And when I think about them I recall the guys fondly (except for one, I don't need to recall him, we're still friends).  But that was yesterday.  It's time to share my today with someone else, and make Christmas something different again.

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