After the extended weekend of Easter, then having a whole bunch of challenges that made it impractical to get in here, I'm here today.  For me, that's cause for celebration.  Eventually, the challenges caused a return of the "loving" sciatica, which seems to find it impossible to live without me, and made it more practical to travel into the centre of our beautiful state capital to do the annual nogginectomy follow-up for the missus by travelling via public transport instead of private vehicle.

All in all it was a good trip and a pleasant day.

But as we left the hospital we walked past a group of nurses protesting the state government's plan to cut nurse/patient ratios in our public hospitals.  This is an ongoing dispute that has been dragging on for several months now because one side is simply unwilling to negotiate about a safety issue, and the other side is simply unwilling to negotiate about a cost-cutting issue.

Before I go on, I'll just warn you that some of you may find my socio-political views a little left-wing for your liking, while others may find me a little too far to the right.  I'll tell you now that some of my views are to the left and some are to the right.  I know that way I'm fairly balanced.

Seeing this group of nurses yesterday made me think of the politicians we have here in Oz.  It also reminded me of the overall quality of the politicians we have.  It's utterly and catastrophically friggin' abysmal.  On all sides of politics.  And we don't seem to have any end in sight.  Politically speaking, in Australia, the light at the end of the tunnel is definitely an oncoming train.

At the local, state and national levels we hae "leaders" whose only concern is getting their hands on and keeping political office and they seem to think it's perfectly justified to do whatever it takes to stay there.  We have politicians who are baffled by the fact that the Australian public has completely lost trust in our system of government because of the arrogance and dishonesty of our politicians.

We have a serving left-wing Prime Minister who knifed her predecessor in the back because their party had "lost its way" to quote her.  Since the last election, she's formed an alliance with one of the most dangerous parties in our political landscape in order to keep her in the job while at the same time taking her party further off the beaten track, openly admitting to breaking election promises in order to stay Prime Minister, all the while treating the media and voting public with snarling arrogance and contempt.

Then we have the "world's best treasurer" who is at loggerheads with a few billionaires because he deems them as being irresponsible for spending their own money to run an ad campaign protesting the imminent mining tax that is being brought in in a few months.  Is that opposed to the government being respsonsible by using tax-payer dollars to run a counter ad campaign?

Then we have an Opposition of mostly ultra-conservative incompetants who actually do have a few capable members, who will never get to the leadership of their party for the simple reason that they'd probably bring them into the 21st Century instead of obstinately remaining in the McCarthyist 1950s.

And then we get to the state level.  Our lying, back-flipping politicians aren't confined to the left-wing here in Oz.  Nope.  Here in my state we've got a State Premier that is so adept and prolific at political back-flips he could probably get a start on the Australian Olympic Gymnastics Team.

After promising greater accountability and transparency in the last state election, he has changed the rules at state parliament so that any media outlet that criticized his government can have their credentials revoked immediately and all access to his ministers denied.

The previous government was trying to bring in the Myki system.  The Myki system is a smartcard system for public transport that was meant to be the global rival of London's Oyster card system.  Myki was over $800 million overbudget and three years overdue on its deadline.  Our current premier promised to drop it like a hot potato.  Since taking office he has done everything in his power to speed up its implementation and the problems with the system continue to gather pace.

The previous government was rolling out smartmetres that were meant to be more accurate at reading gas and power consumption to households and hopefully give customers a fairer utility bill.  Instead, what they do is cause a short in the household power system (thankfully it's usually a one-off) and have been responsible for causing at least a couple of houses to burn down.  After promising during the last election to stop the rollout and removing smartmetres that had already been installed, our premier promptly sped up the statewide installation of smartmetres.

After promising to make our police, firefighters, paramedics and teachers among the best paid in the country, he's swung the axe and performed over $2 billion worth of cost-cutting to the education sector alone.  After promising to make nurse/patient ratios better, he's tried to make them worse and ended up with an industrial relations dispute that has dragged on for months, claiming the nurses are being unfair when all they want is for him to keep his promises.

This is a man who was elected making promises and policy that portrayed him as a hard man.  A man who has flagrantly broken every single core promise he made to the voting public and done all the while hiding under the desk in his office. 

So, my international friends and readers, don't despair that yours is the only political leadership that is weak, arrogant, top-heavy and dishonest.  Ours here in the wide brown land of Oz is too.  And I'll probably get into a crapload of trouble over this too.  That's because here in Australia, unlike the Americans, freedom of speech is actually not a legal right.  It's a privilege that can be taken away from us at any time.  Plus there's also a sedition law that could get me charged just for criticizing the Prime Minister.

So, you see, the value of a politician's promise isn't worth the paper it's printed on.  And that's the world over.

BTW, a good friend had a nogginectomy yesterday.  Get well soon, and if they hit oil, I want in on that one :'-DDD

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