Some people may find what I'm about to say a bit controversial, and other will just nod their heads.  Some will be pretty peeved with me and still others may even say "At last!  Thank you for explaining it to me!"

I'm talking about the Truth.  You see, when it comes to the truth I think that often the one Universal Truth that holds true for everyone all the time is that it's usually different for each one of us.

I'm not saying that there are no Universal Truths.  What I am saying is that we have a tendancy to confuse Universal Truths with Universal Agreements.

If you look at Universal Truths, or Universal Laws as some people like to call them, let's look at Gravity as an example.  Gravity is a Universal Law.  I tend to distinguish a little bit between Truth and Law.  I view that a Law has to be a Truth, but a Truth isn't always a Law.

So let's look at Gravity.  If there was no Gravity we'd all fall off the Earth.  That's just the Law of Gravity.  Of course, the Universal Truth is that the Law of Gravity doesn't have to be constant.  While an object's size will usually affect it's gravitational effects on its surroundings, the mass of the object has far more effect than its size will.  For example, the star Sol, our sun, keeps eight planets and a number of planetoids and satellites and asteroids orbiting within its gravitational field.  Now take a singularity, or a black hole if you prefer the term.  Black holes man theoretically vary in size from a thousand miles down to the size of a pin head.  Either way, a black hole is still much smaller than Sol, our sun.  And it would still suck our entire solar system into its much smaller size because it has a much smaller mass.

So the Law of Gravity is in effect, the Universal Truth is that Gravitational Force varies.

To use another example, let's look upon our prohibition of murder.  Putting any religious reasons aside for a moment what we have is a Universal Agreement that killing someone is bad.  The reason we have this Agreement is because the victim's loved ones are left in a grieving state that is nothing short of terrible. 

So what happens (in a very simplified explanation) is that the vast majority of us have agreed that murder is a bad thing.  That's the Universal Agreement.

The Universal Law is that it makes us, almost invariably feel bad about losing someone we love so we Universally Agree to prohibit murder and hope that the authorities are competent enough to prosecute the murderer to the fullest extent of the law of the land (created by man).

To give a much lighter example, Ms Louise L Hay, an extraordinary woman who has done an enormous amount of work to help people all around the world.  In a couple of her books, Ms Hay says that back pain is caused by issues over money.

I respectfully disagree.  There is nothing anywhere that says back pain has to have anything to do with stress about money. 

She's not lying, she's just stating her truth.  And let me be clear here, it's her truth.  Not my truth.  Not yours.  If it rings true for you and you identify with it, then that's fine and it becomes your truth.  But remember that's only because you agreed to it.  If not, that's fine too, but remember, that's only because you agreed to it.

I'm going to quote Freud.  "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

In other words, sometimes back pain is just back pain.  Having back pain doesn't mean you have money problems just because somebody else says you do.

Think about it very carefully next time you hear someone telling you a Universal Truth.  Think about it, analyze it, see how it feels in your heart and your gut.

Because if there is one Truth that is Universal, it's that it probably is only an Individual Truth and the person who said it is probably looking for Universal Agreement.

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