"The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships."
-Anthony Robbins

I know you're familiar with that quote from the homepage but I want to take some time today to really examine it.  The reason I want to do this is actually pretty simple.  You see, there's just no way you can get through life without some sort of relationship going on.  If you don't believe me, then maybe you'd rather not continue reading, but I'm willing to bet that you want to find out a bit more.  If for no other reason than that none of us live in a vacuum, because nature abhors a vacuum.  Every time nature comes across a vacuum it tries to fill it. 

But space is a vacuum, you might be thinking.  Yes it is, but it's not entirely empty.  It's full of stars and planets and asteroids and dust and anomalies and all sorts of things.  And all those things have, on some level, a relationship with each other, whether it's at the macro, micro or quantum level.

(And if you were wondering just how the hell I was going to bring that back onto topic, well, that makes two of us)

So everything that's in your life, everything that you know or orbits around you, every person that you meet, constitutes a relationship with you and the point here is that you can't be successful without two things.  One is that you need a definition of success.  The other is that you need successful relationships.  For example; let's say that you define success for you as being wealthy.  That includes successful relationships with the people in your life as well as a successful relationship with money.

The reason that it includes both types of relationships is because it's actually pretty hard to justify someone as being genuinely successful if they financially rich but their personal relationships totally suck.  You can't be successful when such an enormous part of your life is in the toilet.  So if you want to be rich then you need to want to be rich for the right reasons, like wanting to take care of the people you love, rather than just wanting to be rich for the sake of it.  This doesn't mean that you can't cultivate a healthy relationship with money.  Far from it.  It simply means that your relationship with money needs to be a healthy augmentation of the other healthy relationships in your life.

What about your relationship with health or food?  The same rules apply.  If you have a bad relationship with food it means that you are probably either overweight or possibly have an eating disorder.  Either way you need to change your mindset about food.  I recently started to change my relationship with food and I've shed over 5 kg (more than 10 lbs) so far. 

Your key to good and healthy relationships is your relationship with yourself.  In other words, how happy and confident are you in yourself?  If you don't have self-confidence then you can't have a good relationship, and you can't fix one that's gone bad either.

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