I've never made it a secret, and I've said it before, that the Law of Attraction is part of everything I do.  A big part.  And the only reason I say it that way is because it's not only true for me, but it's also true for everything in everyone's lives.  Saying it's not true is like saying that the Law of Gravity is a bunch of hokem.  To day that it's garbage is to deny the truth of all the laws of quantum physics.

Take the following statement:  "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics." ∼ Albert Einstein

Yep.  The name is correct.  The great Albert Einstein said it.  A lot of people hear this kind of statement come from a yogi, or a sadhu or some Taoist mystic and think it's a load of rot just before they go on with the rest of their day.  But then, when you show them a statement like this from one of the greatest scientific minds in human history, do you know what their answer is?  Einstien must have been smoking the whacky t'backy.

And why do they react that way?  Again, it's a fairly straightforward answer.  To put it simply, Einstein is saying what all the Eastern mystics and ancient sages and Law of Attraction gurus are saying.  And that is that if you want your life to change significantly then you have to take responsibility for it.  The problem is that so few people want to "man" up and take responsibility for their lives and whether they live their dreams or not.  The sad thing is that so many "real men" are too afraid to do it, especially when it is actually relatively simple to do.

If you want to match your frequency to what you want so that you can draw it into your life, all you have to do is to visualize it.  When you visualize you goal, focus on it and how having it in your life makes you feel.  Once you've done that, let it go.  By that, I don't mean to forget it, but what I mean is to realease the intense feelings that are attaching you to it.

The reason for that is because those intense feelings are almost what you would call a sense of "desperation" which will keep you in a place of "lacking" in your head and your heart.  So you want to release those feelings so that what you feel is a sense of detachment.  Not emotionlessness, mind you, but something that is almost like a mild fondness whenever your goal creeps into your mind.

Now, as I've said before, the Law of Attraction, isn't the Law of Sitting on Your Butt Doing Nothing.  The last six letters of Attraction are Action.  Once you've gone through all the above steps (and they're not even complete) but your body will be telling you it's time to act, time to follow through. 

Now, if you're having trouble visualizing your goal once you've decided what it is, try this.  Get yourself a picture of whatever it is that your goal is and sit with it, look at it, stare at it, focus on it for five minutes every morning and five minutes every night.

For example, if your goal is a new car, get yourself a picture of the car you want.  Then, for five minutes after you get out of bed sit there and focus on that picture.  Focus on how it feels to sit behind the steering wheel.  Focus on how it handles, the colour you want it to be, the sound of the engine.  Focus on every physical sensation you could possibly feel when in or near that car.  Focus on everything that owning that car would mean to you.  Focus on all your emotions about the car and owning it.  Then release those feelings.  Let them go.  Then repeat the process that night before you go to sleep.

Trust yourself.  Your subconscious will know what to do.  The reason it does is because doing these kinds of intense visualization exercises creates new neural pathways in your brain.  You doing that consciously frees your subconscious up to work on the "how-to" while you concentrate on something else.

I know this because I'm currently using the same technique to create my health and fitness goals.  I've got the goals and know what they are, but by creating them I'm drawing them into reality with me.  I don't have to think about them too much because after I do my self-hypnosis to reach this goal (that's a story for another day) my subconscious drags my butt out of bed and out to the garage and on to the treadmill.

I also know it's only a basic explanation, but they are the ones I'm best at.  There's less of a chance of me screwing them up that way.

I hope it helps.  I'd wish you luck, but luck's got nothing to do with it.  It's you.
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