You know when you have those times when you think that the only thing you can do is to chuck in the towel and give up?  Even though you know that all your heroes, all the successful people you look up to never did and rarely, if ever, do?

I opened up an email this morning that I received last night from a friend who lives close by.  I rarely check emails of an evening anymore, just so I can have some time that is entirely my own.  But this email contained something that almost made me wish I had looked at it last night.

It contained one of the most extraordinary videos I've ever seen.  That in itself is pretty amazing, as I don't often watch videos that have been emailed to me purely as a time saving consideration.

You see, recently I've been deliberating about what to do.  Whether to continue on my way, or go another way entirely or hang on with what I'm doing with some changes or what.  I just haven't known.  And I haven't beat myself up over it for the simple reasons that, well, first, it's just not productive, and second, everyone goes through it, even with something they're passionate about and they just need a little something from an external source as a sign.

Believe it or not, that's actually a good thing, because if nothing else, it tests your resolve.  If you treat life like a game of chicken, it's not a bad thing.  Games have rules.  So does life.  Life has rules, or laws as some people call them.  So if you treat life like a game of chicken, I'm talking the more benign version here, like a staring contest, then whoever blinks first is the loser.  Life is, at times, a test of our resolve.

Which is why this video I saw is extraordinary, especially given the lesson that it taught within its content and in less than 3 minutes with a subject heading like "When It's Not Your Time to Die" (you may be able to search it out on Youtube or some other video site).  I'll give you a quick description.

This guy, a stunt pilot, was flying his plane at an airshow.  He does a loop or two, a barrel role, and then he corkscrews upward into the air.  

The plane seems to shudder a little.

Then the plane's left wing falls off.

Just like that.

It fell completely off.

Then it goes spiralling downwards, it's body flashing in an irrecoverable spin.

And then the pilot recovers it and fights her to steady her, holding on, I believe, out of a sheer desire to live and to make sure that nobody else is harmed.

Gradually over the next few seconds he levels the plane out and, with what seems like only metres, lands the plane safely.

And gets out and walks away.

Sometimes in life, you've just got to let go and walk away.  Other times you've got to hold on, like this pilot did. 

In order to do that, you've got to decide whether what you have is worth holding on for.

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