I was just going through my emails this morning, clearing out the crap and spam when I came across an interesting one.  Like most of what I get, it's aim is sales.  Also like most of what I get, it falls into the realm of personal/spirtitual development.

This one was one of those "learn reiki online" salespages.  I know that isn't going to sit well with some of you and I'm okay with that.  But before you get your knickers in a twist, stamp your foot up and down and shout out for one and all that you can only learn reiki from a proper master, just keep reading because I've got an interesting question or two to come.

First, what makes someone a proper reiki master?

Second, who said they were a proper reiki master?

Third, who made those rules up in the first place?

Given that reiki is not recognized or accredited nationally by most national governments, doesn't that tell you something?

I'm not criticizing reiki here.  Truth to tell, I'm a huge supporter of the modality.  In fact I'm a Level 1 Reiki Practitioner and I reap the benefits of reiki almost daily.  I just want to take a more objective look at what is regarded as one of the best, and is certainly one of the most widespread of the energy/spiritual healing arts.

First, let's look at the founder/father of modern reiki, Mikao Usui.  Who was the reiki master that attuned /taught Mikao Usui?  The answer is that the reiki master who attuned and taught Mikao Usui was none other than Mikao Usui.  The story goes that he was on a mountaintop forever and got whacked in the head by a beam of light and all of a sudden modern reiki is born.  It's more like that he flicked the switch during an extended  period of meditation, probably at either the theta or delta level.

Then there was his plan that there would only ever be a few reiki masters to teach reiki at any one time.  Until Mrs Hawaio Tanaka (I hope I've spelled it right) was taught and decided it needed to be in the hands of everyone (not sure if that pun was deliberate or not).

And here we have the greatest secret of spiritual mastery.  In a theme that carries over a little from yesterday, the answer, the secret if you will, is scarcity marketing.

First thing they promise to do is to teach you a secret that very few others in the world know.  Then they charge you a busload of money to reveal it to you.

I'm not here to interfere with any teacher/trainer's right to charge people $200, $500, $1000 or even $5000 for a weekend or three day training event.  The only people who can say for sure whether those prices are woth it are the trainer and the the students.  I believe in any teacher's right to name the value or price of their teachings and I actively support that right every time I decide to take up an upgrade to my education, or not.

What I object to is the scarcity marketing tactic, especially when it's used by teacher/masters/gurus who claim to teach abundance.  And there are some very well known names in the "abundance" industry who use scarcity marketing tactics too.

But before you go judging someone for where they got their qualification, ask youself first what your motivation for judging them is.  After all, I got most of my qualifications online.  And I had to sit exams to get them too.  And I'm very effective at what I do.

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