As most of you know, here in Oz it's already tomorrow and it's Valentine's Day and some of you may even get in contact with me either here or via Facebook or Twitter to see what the "future" holds for you tomorrow.  So many of you would be forgiven for thinking I'd be posting about that particular subject.  Aint gonna happen.

It's time to be 100% honest here.  When it comes to all the traditional romance stuff, it's just not me.  I honestly feel like I'm being dishonest when I do that stuff.  I tend to fit more into the day-to-day practical romance that Dr Phil talks about.  I cook, take out the trash, and my dirty socks have a habit of regularly making it into the laundry hamper.  So Valentine's Day is not particularly special in our house and we don't celebrate it.

Now onwards.  I took today's title from a quote I saw about an hour ago by Amelia Earhart.  It said "Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn’t be done."  The late, great Miss Earhart was paraphrasing an ancient Chinese proverb when she said it and she also, as far as I'm concerned, completely nailed the spirit and message of the proverb.

Reread that quote.

If that's what your overall message to those around you is during the opportunities you do have to spend time with them, or your telling them that they're taking a risk, or whatever it is you're saying that's along those lines, I'm going to let you in on a secret that you may find hard to believe.  They're sick of your negative crap.

They're doing it and they really don't care what you think about it other than to dig in their heals and keep going, if for no other reason at times other than to prove you wrong.  Why? Because when they are finally successful, other than being really satisfied by their success, proving you wrong is going to put a huge smile on their face.  So let them enjoy it and I really hope that crow tastes good.

Oh and by the way, here's an appropriate one from the great Pat Mesiti.  "The more complete you are, the more complete your relationship will be.
Happy Valentines Day!
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