After last week's post, I spent most of the week well away from the site, and indeed the blog, because I was focused on something else.  Finishing my Life Coaching Course and doing the exam.  I passed, and I'll have a copy of the certificate posted sometime in the New Year.  I'll also be able to claim being a qualified hypnotherapist sometime early in the New Year too.

Anyway, on with today's post.  Last week's post generated a bit of questioning from some of my offline friends.  Even a little hostility by one of them.  I was having coffee over the weekend with one friend who demanded to know how that post about not worrying if you overindulge a little could fit in with my Law of Attraction beliefs.  As it turns out, quite easily.

The whole point of it was that it is pointless to feel guilty because in doing so all you would do would be to attract more guilt.  Now, generally, I don't feel guilt just on the principle that it's wasted time.  At least on the conscious level.  But if I decide to feel guilt because I've gone off my healthy way of eating, all I'm doing is focusing on that, which means I'm going to do more of it, and that means I'm going to attract more fat back onto my gut.  On the other hand, if I keep focusing on the healthy body I want even when I'm overindulging, then at some point I'm going to decide I've had enough bad food choices and get on the treadmill (I'm assuming I'll have the special days off) and start lifting weights to start burning calories again and I'll do it without too much trouble.

Knowing this particular friend as well as I do, I came out and asked, knowing how opposed to the concept of the Law of Attraction he is, just how much he understood it.  His answer was something like this:  you make a wish for something you want and wait for it to fall into your lap.  It doesn't work.  You have to go out and work for it.

I told him he'd just explained the Law of Attraction as a perfect summary.  The Law of Action is integral to the Law of Attraction.

So then my friend wanted to know why so many people "attract" (I've used the quote marks to denote his sarcasm) bad things.  Why do so many people "attract" what they don't want?  Why, when they want more money, they seem to only get more bills?

Contrary to popular belief, the Law of Attraction isn't some wishing well where you just wish for what you want and that's it.  There is actually a little bit of work involved and if you concentrate on doing it right, it's a lot of fun too, almost like a game.

You see the biggest mistake I see (and even make myself) when it comes to the Law of Attraction, is that people think it's all about attracting what you want into your life.  What you want actually has nothing to do with it.  The Law of Attraction is all about attention.  In other words, it's all about focus.  How it works is that what you focus on is what you attract into your life.  If you focus on being healthy, you'll start to ACT in a way that develops healthy habits in your life.  Focus magnetizes you and your goal to each other and you end up orbiting each other in slowly decreasing circles until you are both part of each other.

It's got nothing to do with "wish" or "want".  It's all about focus.  If you want more money in your wallet you're not going to get it by focusing on the reason you want more money (like not having enough).  You'll only attract more money into your wallet by focusing on the result of it being there and acting to develop a strategy to make it happen.  It's basically an extension of the Law of Gravity at the quantum level. 

As I said to my friend, you can choose to disbelieve it all you want, but that's not going to make it any less true.

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