The one thing that I find most people have in common is a desire for success.  One of the big issue they have in attaining this desire though is that they often don't have a clear or specific definition of what success truly is to them(that again).  The other big issue they seem to have is a lack of persistence.  And that, I find, in general, is a theme that runs commonly through their lives.

When I say that it tends to run as a common theme, what I really mean is that, in their lives, people who tend to lack persistence tend not to be the only people who commonly "give up".  The tendency is that they are surrounded by friends and family who do exactly the same thing.  Then, when one of them decides that they're going to do something different and try to persist at something, everyone in the circle will try to do something to either talk them out of it or even actively sabotage their attempts.

These are the times to persist.  I'm not talking about being pig-headed (as in rudely stubborn), but there is a level of stubbornness or even pig-headedness that may be needed.  It all comes down to semantics (that one again too) and what you'e prepared to put up with on your journey to get what you want.

And believe me, it's amazing what we'll put up with just to get what we want.  I once persisted for over two years to get a job at a place I wanted to work at.  During that time I had a whole bunch of people tell me to give up and go looking somewhere else.  But I wouldn't listen to them and kept persisting, despite being offered better and more prestigious jobs with other organizations.  Finally I was offered a one year contract.  About a quarter of the way through the contract I realized that all those other people were right (or at least that's how I perceived it at the time).  But I had gotten what I'd wanted, or at least thought I'd wanted at the time.  Either way, in the career path I had at the time I was still extremely successful.  I was successful because a lot of employers sought after my skill and experience.

And have I achieved the level of success in my current career path that I would like to have?  In all honesty, I have to say that no, I haven't.  But I persist.  And I persist because I have a lot of valuable skill and experience and training that I can bring to the table.  I persist because I could have the enormous breakthrough that we all seek tomorrow, or next week, or next month.  I don't know when that breakthrough is coming, but I do know it'll only come if I keep persisting and growing on my current path.  Because the sad fact is that most people give up right before they have their big breakthroughs.

That is of course, if they've even bothered to give something a fair chance at all.  You may even know the type.  The ones who fail and then attack your efforts.  Then they try to justify it with, "Oh but I tried that once and I failed."

Reread that statement.  They tried it once and failed.

Mmmmmmmm.  I came across a brilliant statement by Anthony Robbins recently where he said that there is no such thing as failure (that'll be a familiar concept to any NLP practitioners and fans of Dr Robert Anthony that read this) there is only results.  If you don't like the results, it doesn't mean you've failed, it only means you need to change the actions that earned you those results.

"Oh but I tried that once and I failed."

Once.  They "tried" it once and failed.  I feel a Master Yoda moment coming on.

We've all been through it.  You, me, the next door neighbour.  The question is, "Are you going to listen to them?  Or are you going to persist?"

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