Over the last few weeks, I've sort of had the issue of struggling with coming up with consistently good articles to post here.  The issue has come up not from tiredness, or exhaustion, or even a sense of being burned out.  No, it's been for an entirely different reason altogether.

It's simply to do with, not a lack of focus, but a switch in focus.  And again, not to ditch this blog, or what I'm currently doing with coaching and therapeutic modalities.  It has simply been to do with skill/knowledge acquisition so that I can expand my practice, my abilities and my business in order serve people better.  So there was nothing sinister or negative in the reasons why.

The unfortunate side effect, or consequence of this extra learning (which is still an ongoing thing) is that for the last week it left me in a place that, well, to be honest, I just felt like I was lacking inspiration and motivation to do this.  I know that, as a coach and professional helper, it sounds ridiculous that something like that could happen to me, but it did.  In fact, these things happen to coaches and other helping professionals all the time.  At least as often as they happen to anybody else.  Most of the time, though, we recognize it for what it is and get on with it.  But once in a while, we kind of get bogged down in it.

You see I recognized the lack of inspiration and motivation at the time and I accepted it for what it was.  I felt, whether mistakenly or not, that it was something that I needed to go through in order to come out of it the other end.  So, I bore no guilty feelings for it then, and I bear none now.  I did know, however, that I had to find a cure for it, and fairly quickly if I was to move beyond it.

And found a cure for it I did.

On the weekend, my wife and I, along with my best mate, went to a bookfair in one of my favourite places in the world (and no, I aint tellin').  After scooping up some bargains (including a collector's edition Dragonlance Chronicles all-in-one volume - and yes, I know I'm a sci-fi/fantasy geek) we decided to head out to the main drag of the village to maybe grab a coffee, have a wander around, and then maybe go back to the bookfair.

It was when we got to the cafe that I decided I didn't want anything.  My wife and I had eaten a fairly large breakfast before we left and I definitely wasn't hungry.  I didn't even feel like a coffee (not like me at all) after staring at the menu for several minutes at least.

Then my mate said it.

"How about a Blue Heaven milkshake?"

I hadn't had one for over twenty years.  I probably hadn't even thought of one in almost as long.  A Blue Heaven milkshake?  A Blue Heaven milkshake.

"Oh Hell yeah," I said.

"What's Blue Heaven?"  asked my wife.

So then we tried to explain what it tastes like, without success.

"But what flavour is it?" she asked.

And then it hit me.  A pure, blinding light of genius and inspiration.  Sheer beauty in its simplicity.

"What flavour is it?" she asked again.

"Blue," I said.

She decided to take a different tack.  "Well what does it tast like?"

"Really, really nice," I said.

"So what flavour is it?"

"Blue," I said.

"You're still not telling me what it tastes like."

"Really, really nice," I said.  "That's why they call it Blue Heaven.  There's really no point in trying to explain it unless you've had one."

And then they turned up.  Two Blue Heaven milkshakes.

And just like I remembered, their flavour was blue.  And they tasted really, really nice.

And then I remembered.  Try to keep things simple.  Just like my explanation.  Don't overcomplicate things, even, no, especially when I'm trying to learn something.

Keep things simple and try to have some fun with them.
10/2/2013 01:58:27

Lovely blog, thanks for posting.


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