While this is typically a time of year when we try to focus on joyousness and giving, I'd like to keep the focus on the giving part of that, at least in the giving of hopes, prayers, healing energy, whatever it is you believe in.  Here in the wide brown land of Oz, it's two days after Chrismas, 27 December.  I know that seems a bit incongruous with the publication date your seeing at the top of this post, but my host is in the US, and I'm a day ahead on the other side of the Pacific Ocean in Australia.  How I love the internet.

You see, this is a time of year when a tragedy of any kind suddenly is more tragic, at least for the onlookers. And as many of you know, I've been on my weight reduction journey for a while now.  The reason I needed to go on it was because, let's be honest, I viewed food as more than fuel.  I still do.  I just try to eat all my "beloved" bad foods, a little more sensibly.

But yesterday, 26 December, as a food lover, an horrific tragedy has struck a very well known figure in Aussie food lovers' circles.  Matt Golinski, celebrity chef and owner of The Rolling Dolmade catering company, was terribly injured in an event of the most tragic kind.  After a couple of explosions were heard coming from his home, Matt's house was destroyed by fire.  Matt was discovered in his driveway with burns to over 40% of his body after trying to rescue his wife Rachael and their three daughters, twins Sage and Willow, and Starlia.  Unfortunately, Matt was not successful in his efforts and the fire claimed four lives.  Currently, Matt Golinski is in intensive care in a critical condition, fighting for his life in an induced coma.

I've never met Matt Golinski, but I've watched him on TV plenty of times.  Here was a great chef, who gave up working in high end restaurants in order to put his family first and be successful at it.  He appeared to be one of those people that you aim to emulate.  A person who taught and inspired by humility rather than intimidation.  In my own culinary efforts, I always sought to be more like him in terms of loving patience and humour... and discovering I needed to work at it harder.

In the spirit of the time of year, I just want to ask you to give your hopes, prayers, healing energies to Matt Golinski, and let's hope he recovers with the help of those around him who love him more than us fans are able.

(Special thanks go to www.news.com.au for their excellent articles on Matt Golinksi and his family for helping me to fill in the blanks)

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