I want to start today by saying that I've had a pretty varied work life.  I've worked in entertainment as what was essentially a booking agent, retail, health and community services, manufacturing, media, security and public safety.  And I've had various levels of success in all of the jobs I've held, and there were a few.  If I'm to be perfectly honest, I've had a lot of dissatisfaction in most of the jobs I've held too.

Much of the dissatisfaction I've experienced in the workplace has come down to organisations that placed what would probably be an over-importance on paperwork and undervaluing staff and client/customer happiness.  And, if I'm to go a little further on the path of perfect honesty, much of that dissatisfaction can be layed squarely at my own feet because of my attitude to this issue at the time, and to a certain extent even now.

I suppose the point I'm getting at is that I, like so many others out there, have worked at places that really don't seem to give a fat rat's rear end about how happy their staff are or what level their staff morale is at.  That so many workplaces really only care about one thing and that's how much money comes through the bank account at the end of the day.  And "For Profit" businesses aren't alone here either.  I've seen plenty of "Non-Profits/Charities" run this way too.

When you run any type of business that way it's people who suffer, and when people suffer, the business ends up getting a bad name.  By far some of the most profitable businesses I've seen are places that are really fun to work at, or they do way out things like encourage staff to take a nap time break, or get their staff massages.

"Oh but we're in the middle of a GFC and companies can't afford to be so frivolous!"

Actually, this is the best time to be so frivolous, if not, the perfect time.  Run the following scenarios through your imagination.

You've got two companies sitting side by side in the same street, and they both do the same thing.  Let's say they're both outlets for large cafe chains and they both do birhtday cakes as a specialty item on the side.  Okay, your best friend's birthday is coming up and it's your job to get the birthday cake.

You go to Cafe Ay and get a price.  A stressed out server who looks like he could even be a little dissatisfied says it't going to cost you $25 and another $10 for any writing on the cake.  You order the cake and on pickup day you notice that the spelling of the birthday message needs correcting so you're told, not too politely (because your server's boss is going to deduct this from their wage) to go away and come back in an hour.

Cafe Bee server, who looks happy and relaxed due to the massage her boss just paid for says that exactly the same cake costs $35 and another $10 for any writing on the cake.  You order the cake and come pickup day you notice the spelling of the birthday message needs correcting.  In Cafe Bee your server apologizes and says it's going to take between half an hour and an hour to correct.  If you would like to go and do some shopping that's okay, or if you prefer you could sit down and have a complimentary coffee and piece of apple pie while you wait.

Which one are you going to choose?  Okay, so keeping the staff at Cafe Bee happy is reflected in their price.  Cafe Ay is cheaper but it's a less pleasant experience, for both you and your server (when a business owner is cheap it shows on both sides of the counter).

For some, price is going to be the only determining factor, and that's perfectly okay.  The only thing I would say to you then is that you get what you pay for, and if you go the cheap option, then you really don't have any right to complain about the poor customer service.  Having said that, the cafe server doesn't have much right to complain when their crappy attitude peeves you either.

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