There's a portion of our society that has the tendency to view any type of alternative belief as total BS.  I'm okay with that, as are most people who read this blog.  Where I get a little disconcerted is some of the reasons given by those who seem to have a passionate dislike of all things "alternative". 

I'm going to cover my two favourite ones that are given.  The first is "left of centre", out of the mainstream, or any of those other derivatives.  Okay, so first, when you call "alternative" beliefs, and let me specifically say I'm discussing alternative health and spiritual practices/views here, but when you call them left of centre, I don't even know what that means.  The term "left of centre" is a phrase about a person's political views and has absolutely no relevance when discussing someone's health/spiritual views.

Or, let's look at my favourite variation of this one, which is "outside of the mainstream".  This is not a bad thing at all.  Leonardo di Vinci was completely outside of the mainstream and look at how he's viewed today.  Another of my favourites is Sir Isaac Newton.  Viewed today as one of the most conservative scientists in history because of his work as a mathmetician and physicist (gravity) and his work with biology.  Did you know that since his death on 20 March 1727 over two thirds of his work (still in the hands of his descendants) has been completely ignored by "mainstream" scientists.  Because... Sir Isaac Newton... was... an... alchemist.  Yep.  The bloke that watched an apple fall and gave us one of the greatest scientific laws in the history of science has had most of his life's work discredited because it doesn't fit into the scientific "mainstream".  The hilarious thing about this is that these "geniuses" of modern intellect, never realized that alchemy was rarely, if ever about actual science.  It was a metaphor.  Alchemy was a spiritual practice. 

But to get back to the point about "alternative" views being outside of the mainstream.  I've got bad news for that crowd.  You see, most people have always had some sort of "alternative" viewpoint.  The main difference is that now, in a more open society (though not for much longer if the SOPA supporters get their way) people are more willing to admit to an alternative view/practice in a more tolerant and accepting society.  This is backed up by statistics that over 60% of Australians have some sort of "alternative" spiritual view and the figures are about the same for those who use some type of "alternative" health therapy.  Given that in Australia and New Zealand, we tend to follow social trends that are already well established in the USA and the UK, I think I can surmise fairly accurately that these figures would be pretty accurate in those other countries.  Even among conservative Christian groups, and many followers of the Jewish and Muslim faiths, I've seen many in the last few years who subscribe to the Law of Attraction and "alternative" health practices.  I've even had them point out scriptural referrences for the Law of Attraction.  Ten or twenty years ago, such views would have been almost universally upheld as anathema.  Now, given the statistics I'm quoting, we're all part of the mainstream.

My other favourite, is that so many people love to say that none of it is scientifically proved.  They may have something with this one.  Then again, so many of them do love to worship at the altar of "Scientifically Proven" like lemmings throwing themselves over a cliff at the Holy Grail.  The point is that the term "Scientifically Proven" as a statement of genuine authenticity or verification has very little, if any meaning.  I came across a study a number of years ago where an American psychiatrist conducted a metastudy in the 1990s of pharmaceutical company "scientific" tests.  It found a strong element of bias in at least 90% of cases.  Meaning that in at least 90% of the tests, a company's new product was "proven" to be the best product of its type available.  Couldn't have been any manipulation there eh"

Another point is that it has recently come to light that many studies are being ghost written.  In other words, companies are conducting their studies, then approaching leading experts and offering six and seven figure suns of money so these leading experts will put their names on the studies with no questions asked.

And while I'm here, I want to point out my favourite scientific study.  The one that conclusively proved that if you're fat your cancer risk is so elevated that it's likely that you'll get it real soon.  It's a myth.  There is no scientific proof of the sort.  For scientific proof to exist there needs to have been scientific testing in the first place.  That means needles, blood tests, microscopes, CT scans, x-rays, MRIs etc.  How many were involved in the study?  None.  Not a single one.  What was involved was a questionnaire, some envelopes, a franking machine, some pens, and some nerdy data entry clerks with thick glasses at a computer and a few statisticians.  Not a single scientist among them.

And this proves that market/economic forces aren't the only thing that science is open to manipulation by.  There's also political forces too, and they are usually connected to economic forces.  And no, I'm not a climate change nay-sayer (talk to any of my offline friends and they'll tell you how focused I am on achieving goals related to sustainalbility) but I have seen just too Much credible evidence that points back to it being an industry by a certain former United States Vice President who I shall not name.

Hot weather in Russia?  Sounds like a natural phenomenon called Summer.  And it happened between June and September too.  Yep.  I think it was Summer.

So we're all just islands in the stream.  And if some of your views, beliefs or practices concur with mine, statistically, you're part of the mainstream.  If not, you're on the outside looking in.  Come on in, the water's

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