I don't know how you want to describe it, or whether you believe in it or not, but the Law of Attraction plays a fairly significant part in what I do.  In everything I do.  Health, relationships, business, everything.  It doesn't mean I don't work at things because there are a lot of times when there is no other way.  In fact most real Law of Attraction experts will tell you there is also a Law of Getting Up Off Your Butt.  They actually call it the Law of Action but I think you're getting my point.

But the way the Law of Attraction works for me though is that I seem to have the most awesome results when I'm playing with it.  But what about the work?  I'm still doing the work, but I'm doing the work that's fun.  I'm doing the work that's bringing me joy and pleasure and what then happens is that somehow the most spectacular results appear to get dropped into my lap.

That's what happened to me just recently.  Twice.  In less than a week.

I'd been thinking about the movie King Arthur because a couple of the scenes make me laugh, and I'd been playing an Attraction game called "Wouldn't it be nice if..." all on a Monday and lo and behold it happened.  Twice.  I won't say exactly what I said in the game or exactly what happened, but let's just say it exceeded all my expectations that week.  And the week after because that following week I was walking around and grinning like a idiot the whole time.

But why that particular movie?  Like I said earlier, some of the scenes make me laugh, but I'll get to the best bit soon.

Anyway, I was sitting with a friend over the weekend explaining what had happened, smiling the whole time at just how amazed I was.  Believe me when I say I'm far from smug about the amazing results I've had.  A lot of the time I'm still in stunned amazement.  So I'm sitting there telling my friend about it over a couple of drinks and he says, "You lucky so and so."  I've cleaned that up for you.  "You're so lucky.  How do you do it?  You're always so lucky.  That kind of stuff always happens to you.  Whenever you want to save money, you just save money.  Whenever you want something else, it arrives on your doorstep.  How do you do it?"

That's when a flash of inspiration hit me and I thought of a scene from that movie.  I just smiled and I said "I aim for the middle."  I thought the fact we're both movie buffs might help.

"I don't get it," he said.  "What do you mean you aim for the middle?"

"Okay, you know the movie King Arthur?" I asked and he nodded.  "Right.  Now get Keira Knightley and her leather bikini out of your head coz it's got nothing to do with it.  Think about the scene where the knights are in the courtyard just before Arthur tells them they've got to go on the final mission.  Remember how they were tossing their knives at the target?"

"Of course," my friend said.

"Now, remember how one of the knights hits the target dead centre and then Sir Tristan comes along and does a Robin Hood with his knife?  Gets it in the centre of the other knight's knife pommel and the rest of the knights ask him how he does it?"

"He says he aims for the middle," my friend said.

I nodded.  "That's right.  You ask me how I do it.  I aim for the middle."

"Is that anything like putting yourself exactly in the middle of the situation you want to happen?"

That's pretty much exactly how it works for me.  When I'm able to focus enough to do it properly that's exactly how it works, as long as I'm having fun doing it.

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