I was talking to a friend over the weekend and he said how he liked coming to the site and reading the blog sometimes.  I thought that was great, but I asked him what about the times he didn't like reading it.  His reply actually didn't surprise me given how well I know him.  While we have a lot in common, there are worlds of difference in a lot of our vieopoints and I find that to be a good thing because it so often gives me a different perspective to look at if I'm having trouble getting a grip on something.

He gave me a couple of answers that did surprise me a bit though.  The first thing he said was that he loved it when I wrote about health issues, but what did I have against people who like to spend long times working out?  This was one of the things that surprised me.  I don't have anything against people who want to spend an hour or more in the gym daily.  So why didn't I write about it? he asked.  The answer to that is simply that I don't come from that point of referrence.  I write about what I know and I write about what I usually apply.  I don't write about long workouts because I do short workouts.  I don't know how to do long workouts for two reasons.  I'm too lazy to do them and I'm too lazy to be interested in learning how to do them. 


I said it.

I'm lazy.

Actually I'm not so much as lazy as have different priorities with my time.  I want to get in, do the workout and get it over with, and get out.  Doing it that way is the most fun way for me to do it.  If anyone wants to spend an hour or more in the gym working out, that's great for them, it's just not my reality.  I'm not going to stop anyone doing long workouts and I'm going to encourage anybody who wants to do it.  I just have other things that I want to put into my day.

But what he said next surprised me too.  He asked, "Why do you talk so much about that Law of Attraction crap?  How does that apply to anything?"

It actually applies to everything.  That's why I called the site HealthyWealthyRelationships.  It attracts to everything in our lives, because everyone and everything in our lives constitutes a relationship that we've attracted by how we think, feel and act.  And yes, action is essential, but it in only a third of the equation.  We attract by what we think about, how we feel about what we think about and how we act about how we feel about what we think about.  And the more belief or faith we have about that, the more powerfully and rapidly we create those things in our lives.

So if you want good health and to shed excess weight, you focus your thoughts on that and feel good about it.  That will help you to make better food choices and find some way to move your body and get your heart rate up that you feel good about.  Plus, you'll do it for the amount of time that makes you feel good.  That could be a short time or a long time.

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