In a rare whim I'm going to continue on in the vain of yesterday.  So the first thing I'm going to do is ask you a question.  What are the five most commonly used/popularly desired words used in the political vernacular?

If you said the five words in the headline of this post you'd be spot on.  We all know the fact.  Politicians love to talk.  But they're not big on action.  Over the last ten or fifteen years in Australia, particularly at the state level of government, many state premiers have been asked what they wanted their governments to be remembered for.  Most of them replied that they wanted themselves and the governments they led to be remembered for taking action.

The biggest problem with this response is that the only action taken by these politicians in most cases was to form either a study group or a committee.

The reason for this lack of action is because these are people who require constant recognition, whether it's valid or not.  They are, in the majority, people who represent a triumph of style over substance.  They are so concerned with being seen to take action, or do the right thing, either just to cover up their own moral cowardice or a (string) broken promise(s) that no action is ever actually taken.

Part of the reason is that action and doing the right thing requires guts.  Given that our current Western style of selecting a government is essentially nothing more than a socially glorified popularity contest.  If you're not sure what I mean it's called an election.

But one thing that you could say is amazing is how we get so outraged when our politicians fail to demonstrate any real leadership and break their election promises.  I say it's amazing because if you live in a democracy then you have to understand that all of the governaments have let down all of the people all of the time.  To paraphrase one of my favourite philosophers, Stuart Wilde, when you screw up, you get to pay for it.  When the government screws up, you get to pay for it.  When an earthquake kills 40 million people in a country you've never heard of and the government decides they're going to donate the GDP worth of monetary and humanitarian aid, you get to pay for it.

The point is that there is no point at all in being outraged over a politician's broken promises, lack of leadership or responsibility.  The reason is because we have to take responsibility.  We have to take responsibility.  Every three or four years, depending on which country you live in, election time rolls around.

Every three or four years, depending on which country you live in, a bunch of wankers start spouting BS in order to win your endorsement to live off your dollars.  Every three or four years, depending on which country you live in, these wankers are spouting the same BS as they did three or four years earlier, or the same BS their predecessors did.

If we want someone to take responsibility, if we want someone to be accountable, that someone needs to be you and me.  Simply put, ladies and gentlemen, who voted for these wankers?  We did.

They gave us a pile of BS so big we could use it to fertilize the Amazon rainforest and we accepted it knowing that it was BS.  In Australia's last national election we were presented with candidates on every side that stood for nothing and we have no right to be surprised that we now have a government who has done nothing except for taking off us.

Oh yeah, they promised to bring the national budget back into surplus and they've shown fanatical and obsessive commitment to doing it.  But the only reason they're doing it is so that at the next election they can point out the one promise they made and kept in the face of so many broken promises, like no unnecessary new taxes.  Broken promises like no Carbon Tax.  And then they used a tax payer funded campaign full of lies to sell the public on it.

So if there is any responsibility for this mess, it's us who has to where it.  Because they're too gutless to.

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