Depending on where you are in the world, Happy Sunday or Happy Monday.  Today I'm going to be as brief as I can be because it's a glorious day, if a little windy here where I am and I want to get some fresh air.  In celebration of a new page going up today, I'd like to do a quick recap of what I talked about last week, which is health and weight management.

I hear so many "experts" and "gurus" on TV and on the net talk about how to get healthy you've got to get physical, and they're right.  I also hear them talk constantly about calories in and calories out.  Again, they're right.  Then I hear them talk about how the body and physical health are the foundations of all things in life because of "a healthy mind in a healthy body".  They're wrong.  At least in my opinion.

I say this for one reason.  Our minds are what control everything.  How we perceive the world?  Controlled by the mind.  The desire to be healthy?  Controlled by the mind.  I could go on and on.

My point is that the foundation for health is in the mind, or more specifically, the two minds.  The conscious and the subconscious minds.  The reason we struggle to get rid of unwanted weight is because we use the wrong language and the two minds find themselves in opposition and therefore create resistance to the idea.

That's why, if you say, "I'm going to lose weight," at some point you will.  But what's going to happen fairly quickly after that is that you're subconscious mind is going to find it for you.  On top of that, as an insurance policy to make sure you don't get cold in winter, it's going to go and get some extra weight for you to wear.  Study after study conclusively shows that people lose weight only to put it and more back on again.

The thing is there's no point getting angry at your subconscious over this because it's only doing its job.  The job of your subconscious, known by some as your inner gatekeeper, or inner guardian, is to protect you.  That's it's main, if not only function.  To keep you safe.  So if you're overweight, you need to ask yourself why.  What is your subconscious using food as a barrier to keep you safe from?

If you can bring your subconscious mind and your conscious mind into harmony and decide to work together to release excess weight instead of losing weight, you'll eliminate the resistance, start shedding excess weight and look and feel better.

That's what the new page and the new product are all about.  Have an awesome day.

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