In talking about the Law of Attraction I've yet to come across a single expert who says something other than you've got to operate out of love instead of fear if you want to attract what it is that you want into your life.  I hope you're not disappointed, but I'm not disputing this and I'm not going to.  I know the universe isn't always a logical place but whether you use logic or instinct, this statement just makes too much sense to disagree with.

Where I'm going to diverge from the "sacred" path is in saying; be wary of anyone who overpromises the whole concept of eliminating fear from your life.  And here's why.  It's simply not possible.  You cannot eliminate fear from your life.  "Eliminate Fear" is a sales pitch.  I'm not questioning the "gurus" credibility or their expertise or even their intentions. 

In my whole life of looking at the personal development sector I've actually come across very few scammers.  The number of those who genuinely want to help outway the scammers by such an overwhelming majority that the scammers make up only about 1%-2% of the entire global industry.  Bit even the legit ones need to pay their bills.  Also, they want to live a certain lifestyle and they're as entitled to that lifestyle as much as we want it for ourselves.

How they do that is by charging for their expertise.  And that's a fair thing to do.  Some charge more than others and that's okay too, because each one decides their own value and the value of the knowledge they impart either personally or as a self-paced learning program that you can either download online or have delivered to your door.

Many of these programs make certain claims.  In almost every circumstance, my experience is that the claims are accurate if you're willing to follow the directions in the progam.  Which brings us back to the claim of "Eliminate Fear".

It won't happen.  One is because fear is a primarily subconscious emotion.  In other words, the majority of time it is controlled by our subconscious minds.  And in many ways, fear is actually a good thing.  It can keep is safe (which is great when it's an appropriate response in a given situation) and it can motivate us to take action (again great if it's an appropriate resoponse in a given situation).  Fear causes problems because we're not usually taught how to deal with it appropriately in our day to day lives.  It's not taught in school or by our parents because in most cases they weren't taught how to deal with it.

So, how do you "Eliminate Fear"?  You don't.  You manage it.  You do this by acknowledging it, recognizing it for what it is and then you accept it because you can't change something without accepting it.  The easiest and quickest way I've found to accept it is that once I recognize what it is (which can take a while because sometimes I'm a little thick-headed) to say thank you to it.  Yep.  Give thanks, then acknowledge the goal you want and what you need to get it.  Then you release the fear.  The easiest way to do that is to take the action you need to take.  Action releases fear.  Action cures fear.

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