As a coach, when someone comes to me and says that they want to change their lives for the better, often the first question I have for them is, "Great.  Okay, so what are you doing to create that change?"  Their response is usually along the lines of, "Well, I'm saying a lot of affirmations.  But they're just not working!"

The fact that they're saying a bunch of affirmations comes as no surprise, but I really do empathize with them when they are so surprised by the second part of their answer.  The affirmations are just not working.

Dr John Demartini often says that affirmation simply means to make something firm in your mind.  And the sad news for the population at large is that the number of people out there who can make a massive shift in their mindset at the conscious level by saying a few affirmations when expressed as a percentage is way down in the low single figures.  Less than 5% of people are able to do it.

That's because the ego, that dividing line between the consious and subconscious minds, is guarding your inner self to keep it safe.  And it's really good at its job too.  If it wasn't you'd probably be dead right about now from having done something stupid like licking the element in a hair dryer or trying to figure out why it's so difficult to walk on air using an experiential model of discovery.

If we remember that despite having one brain we have two minds, the subconscious and the conscious levels.  At the normal conscious level we're operating in Beta, while at the subconscious level we start operating at Alpha, then Theta and then Delta.  Think of it like you're applying the iceberg principle.  Your top 10% of consciousness is Beta, while the other three levels of consciousness make up the other 90% of who you are.

The reason is because at Beta level, the normal brainwave level of consciousness, the ego is your filter through which you perceive the world and stay safe at the same time.  At this level of consciousness it's almost impossible for anything to get through, and that's why just saying affirmations over and over on its own rarely, if ever, works.  It just aint gonna get past that mental guard you've got in place unless you're prepared to say the affirmations thousands upon thousands of times, dozens of times per day for several months or even years.

If you go to the Alpha level of consciousness you're likely to be more successful in making some sort of change.  By using meditation, hypnosis or self-hypnosis, or guided relaxation/imagery, you can create a pretty huge mental shift a lot more quickly because at the Alpha level of consciousness you're about 200 times more open to suggestions than you are at the Beta level.  And as much as it's quicker, it's still going to take about 21 days of daily exposure to the affirmations aimed at creating the new mindset that you want for it to happen.

But what about deeper levels of consciousness?  Theta, the equivalent of light sleep, and Delta, the equivalent of deep sleep are the next two levels.  And you can use those levels to help create change but it's going to take about the same amount of time as using the Alpha level.

At this point some people start wondering about using subliminal recordings so that they can function on day to day tasks while attacking their subconscious from the side.  Aside from the usual safety issues of not operating heavy machinery, go ahead.  It will either work or it won't.  If you really want to make a change then subliminals will help you.  Again though, time is a factor.  Using subliminal recordings won't take you less than 4 weeks to create the change and up to 6 weeks, possibly longer.

So is there any way to create change in your life quicker?  Well the desire to create change in your life is a change in itself, and that can happen instantly.

But for something more tangible and measurable it's going to take time.  We can create change pretty quickly using TFT techniques, particularly if we're aiming at eradicating the turmoil of negative emotions.  To build positive thoughts and emotions we can use NLP techniques to speed that up.

A long TFT treatment is about five minutes, and we can do some NLP in about the same time.  Again though, everybody is different and the change may take a little bit longer to take place in the mind.  And some people are just resistent to different therapies, while others take to them all, and still others are unable to be reached by any.

There is also the possibility of combining the likes of NLP and hypnosis.  That can help someone to create an enormous change in as little as 7 - 14 days if they're willing to spend up to a week training themselves to be rapidly induced into a hypnotic state.  Again though, we're all different.

The point is though, that if you want to create change in your life you are not going to be able to do it solely at the conscious level.  At Beta, you're going to be able to decide that you want to create change, and you're even going to be able to guide that change.  But the only way you're going to really create and manifest that change within yourself is by bringing the other levels of consciousness, of who you are, on board and involving them as well.

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