I want you to understand that these are all my cornerstones for success and nobody else's.  You have to decide what your own cornerstones are because you're the only one who can decide what are the right cornerstones for you.  With that in mind, let's continue on with this, the final part in this week's series.

If we use the title of this website, I think it's faily safe of me to assume that you can guess the next three of my cornerstones.  Yep.  Health, wealth, and relationships. 

Let's be entirely honest here.  Health is a very important cornerstone to success and it's not only professional athletes or doctors that are going to tell you that.  Tony Robbins will tell you health is important.  Robert Kiyosaki will tell you it's important and will even tell you that he makes time to workout every day.  Even Donald Trump, and he's in his mid-sixties, makes time to work out several times per week.

You don't have to exercise every day to be fit and healthy, but you do have to do it 3-4 times a week consistently.  And you do have to get your heart rate up and you have to get a little sweat going.  It doesn't have to be pooring off you but you do have to get a little bit of skin moisture happening.  The other thing is that you don't have to punish youself for hours on end either.  If I use myself as an example, I've shed more than 6 kg (over 12 lbs) of fat in the last 6 weeks by doing 10-15 minutes of cardio and less than 10 minutes of resistance training per day three times per week.  Now because I want to shed more fat quicker, I'll probably up the cardio to 20+ minutes per day next week, but, as you can see, I'm not sacrificing hours of my day for the sake of this.

The whole point of it is that if I want to enjoy whatever wealth (the next cornerstone of success) that I create, I need to be healthy.  It's that simple.  You can't enjoy wealth if you're too sick to do it.  And if you've ever said you were sick and tired of something, I hear you, because I came to the conclusion a while ago that I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I'm enjoying the transformation to my new body, and that includes the stiffness and soreness that goes along with it.  It tells me I've earned it.

The reason why so many successful people define wealth as a cornerstone of success is because there are a lot of people out there who think that they only need enough money to do this, or that (you decide for yourself what they are).  Now, how much money do those people end up with?  You got it.  Enough.  Just.  They literally end up with just enough to cover whatever expenses they have, if they're lucky, and rarely have more than a few cents (pence if you're British) left over.  Well, the conclusion I've come to on this is that I want real wealth, not just a few cents left over so I'm offering my mind and it's thoughts, and the best products I can find here, to help like-minded individuals achieve whatever goals they set their minds to.

Onto the next cornerstone.  Relationships.  You're not going to achieve success alone.  Pure and simple.  No man is an island.  You need people on your team, whether they're in the next chair or half a world away.  The other thing is that what's the point of all the wealth and success in the world if you haven't got anyone else to share it with?  And if the relationship is completely incompatible?  Heal and move on to the next one (this is assuming you've exhausted all your options trying to repair the broken relationship).  But none of us exist in a vacuum so, yes, relationship is one of the cornerstones of success.

Now, just quickly, something that without which no success can take place.  A final cornerstone, if you will.  I'm talking about intention.  You're not going to be successful unless you intend to be successful, and you've got to keep that intention in your mind.

I came across a quote by Dr John DeMartini a few days ago that talked about affirmations.  Dr Demartini said that "affirmation means to make firm in one's mind".  In other words, you have to affirm your intention, you have to make your intention firm in your mind.  It really is that simple.

Have an inspired day.

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