Shift your mind back to when you were a kid at school, sitting in class and staring out the window when your teacher walks up behind you, slaps you up the back of the head and shouts, "(Insert your name here)!  Pay attention!"

Okay, you're asking, what's this got to do with the cornerstones of success?  Actually a lot, because, if you have a really good look at people who are really successful, they pay attention.  In fact, they seem to pay more attention to everything than "normal" people.  Another way to say it is that they have what's called "awareness".

You see, if you're not paying attention to what's going on around you, life has a way of getting to the point of slapping you up the back of the head to get your attention so that you can learn your lesson.  But the good news is that awareness isn't an event, or inborn ability, it's a learned skill.  It's observation and listening and feeling.  It's something we can all learn. 

Being unaware doesn't just happen in business or sports either.  It happens in every facet of life, especially relationships, health and personal responsibility.  It's called "taking (someone/something) for granted".  Taking for granted is being unaware. It is a complete lack of attention.  It is one-sidedness.  It is not giving someone or something the attention it deserves or requires to thrive.  Unawareness is to cause something or someone to fail to thrive.

Awareness on the other hand, is to give the required attention to whoever or whatever requires it so that they or it can thrive.  And the good news is that awareness is not an event but a habit that contributes to your excellence in reaching your goals.  Awareness is something that you can learn and practise, just like memory.

"Oh but that's too hard," you may be trying to excuse yourself, but I'm not buying it and I'll bet you know at least a couple of people who are tired of buying into that excuse too.  You're not a bad person but you do need to put in a bit more effort.  Look, I won't lie to you.  Awareness, paying attention, is hard at first,but the more you do it the easier it gets and the better and higher the rewards.

And that awareness extends to the world that's not just around you, but inside you as well.  This, as well as the rest of the things I've been talking about this week are things that are absolutely vital to your succeeding.  Because if you want success, you have to work, but the hardest work you have to do is not on creating a product or a business or marketing those things.  The hardest work you have to do is on yourself and you owe it to yourself and the people in your life to be the best you can be, rather than some cut-price, mediocre second-rate version of... someone who's not what you aspired to be what seems like such a long time ago.

But if you want the success, that's the sort of work you need to put in.  That's the sort of work successful people put in to themselves.  Successful people work on themselves when unsuccessful people just work in their jobs.  That's the type of work that successful people do that unsuccessful people don't.  Ask any genuinely successful person if you want a third party confirmation.

These are all skills you can aquire if you're willing to work on them, like you're willing to aquire knowledge or build a muscle.  The only thing these skills require of you is to exercise them.

Have a great day.

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