This week I'd like to talk about the cornerstones of success.  I say this week because it's too big an issue to discuss in a single post as there are just too many.  So over the next few days, take a few minutes and enjoy my ramblings on this topic that so many of us aspire to.

The reason why so many people struggle with success is because they almost seem to think that they have to when the  reality is quite the opposite.  Once you understand what the cornerstones of success are it seems to flow to you with a lot less effort than before and you no longer struggle to achieve it.  And make no mistake about it.  Struggle is not a noble passtime at all.

The first cornerstone of success is definition.  In other words, we have to make our definition of success.  I can't tell you that you have to be rich to be successful because being rich may not be part of your definition of success as much as it may be mine.  That's my point, the definition of success is different for each one of us, and, in come cases, for some of us the cornerstones of success are different too.  I can't tell you what yours are, that's something you'll have to take the time and effort to decide for yourself.

Another is desire.  Here is one pure and simple fact.  There is no possible way that you can possibly achieve success without wanting it.  I hear so many people say that the Law of Attraction is garbage, then go on to quote Napolean Hill's classic Think and Grow Rich.  The problem is that Think and Grow Rich is the Law of Attraction.

Then of course there's the cornerstone of action.  Nothing happens just by wishing, you've got to do something to get it.  This is where so many people fall down on their journey to success and the simple truth of the matter is that there is an excellent reason why so many people fail to take action and it's not because they're lazy or weak.  It's actually because they lack self-confidence.  Look at every successful person you admire and you'll find that they have self-confidence.  Self-confidence can also be described as belief or faith, another of the cornerstones.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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