I received a timely email this morning.  By way of explanation, many readers know what a huge fan of Dr Robert Anthony I am.  I subscribe to his enewsletter and even get to have the occasional interaction with him via his Facebook fanpage, not to mention his excellent customer support team.  And yes, every one of his products that I endorse, or that sponsors this site, I've actually bought and used, so when I talk about them I know in intimate detail what I'm talking about.  In fact, you could even say that Dr Anthony has become something of a mentor for me.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  Dr Anthony usually sends out a couple of emails per week talking about various aspects of the Law of Attraction.  For first time readers who are unaware, Dr Anthony is one of the leading experts in the world on this subject.  So much so that he turned down a request to appear in The Secret, and thus cost himself millions of dollars.  His reason was that he thought the movie missed out on vital information.  For that reason he created his own program The Secret of Deliberate Creation (you can get to the program via one of the links in the page Self-Cofidence Creator on this site - it will take you to that products site and from there you can find a link to the Deliberate Creation product - sorry but I've been experiencing some difficulty posting links lately).

So today's email from Dr Anthony was all about why people don't get what they want, why they self-sabotage.  To break it down into simple terms, it all comes down to the victim mentality.

You know what I'm talking about.  The people who'll tell you that they're fat because their mother didn't love them enough, they can't have a healthy relationship because their husband/wife left them for an alien, their horse died and they can't love another, their dog took its love to town, and on and on and on.

I'm actually not trying to upset anyone here by diminishing these people, but what I'm trying to do is to get people to take a step back and inject a little humour just so we can lighten up a little and see things a bit more clearly.  Because the point is that we can always find an excuse for holding ourselves back.

To give you an example, and without getting too specific, we've actually had a financial issue pop up in the last couple of days.  Now, we could have fallen down in a heap and given up and played the victim, or we could have done something else.

What we did instead was to process the negative feelings (which actually includes acknowledging and experiencing them) then using our skills to transition into a feeling where we have an expectation of success and desired outcome, then attacking the issue and reorganizing our plans to accomodate dealing with this issue.

Some people seem to be able to do it automatically, some people need to upskill to be able to do it.

So the question is, where does your attitude fit?  The reason I ask is because, if you ask all the experts, and I mean real experts, not just people who claim to be, then you'll discover that they will almost all tell you that there are no victims, there are only volunteers.

So, where does your attitude fit?

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