I regularly get asked about the best way to get out of a dark mood.  Often the answer is that I really need more information.  Usually, my response is, "You're going to need to be more specific."

The reason is that we are often just not specific enough.  I say this because there are a lot of people out there that will experience an event like stubbing their toe one afternoon and immediately decide to go into a severe depression over the catastrophic nature of such an event.  Sounds like an exaggeration?  I once sat with a friend who moaned for nearly an hour about the tragedy of having just broken a fingernail on one of his hands (and yes, you read that right).

Sometimes undesirable things just happen.  You stub your toe, or you walk into a mobile blackspot during a phone call.  They're slightly annoying and even a little frustrating, but take a teaspoon of cement and harden up because these things are minor inconveniences and not the end of the world.

If it's something that is a little more persistant, then I recommend shifting your focus to something more positive.  It takes work and a little dedication but it can be done.  If the "dark" feelings are a little more persistant, well, sometimes the only way out is through and it may be trying to teach you something.

But what if it's a little more serious?

That's when I would recommend seeing a Thought Field Therapy Practitioner (or EFT Practitioner).  There are treatment protocols they can use that can be effective in minutes.  Or the other option is to find a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner.  Again, very quick and very effective.

If it's more serious than that, or if you prefer a more conservative approach, you can begin by visiting your doctor, who may refer you on to a psychologist/psychiatrist or a hypnotist/hypnotherapist.

But if you're going through any type of dark feelings, just remember that it's quite normal.  Expecting life to be a utopian lovefest every single day is just a little beyond everybody's ability.

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