Today I want to talk to you about a subject that is something I'm probably more passionate about than any other.  Being your own expert.  Becoming the expert on everything about your own life is actually something that's not that hard to do.

Now before I continue I'm not advocating that you set yourself up as a brain or heart surgeon just because you've decided you can do it.  That is the sort of thing that should in every circumstance be left to those who are not only qualified but have the experience and the reputation of being successful in the field.  In fact, let's apply this to any type of medical procedure that needs to be done.  And let's take it a little further and apply that to legal and finance as well (with some caveats).

The point is that the ultimate expert on your life is you.  So becoming your own expert is neither difficult nor does it have to be overly expensive.  The great news is that now, with the prevalence of the internet, becoming a genuine, if unqualified expert on any given topic has never been easier or cheaper.  Just like making new friends or aquiring mentors.  It's easy and inexpensive to do so, and doing so can be lifechanging in the best possible way.    The only issue is in applying your new expertise.  But that's up to you to overcome.  It always has been.

The only thing you need to become an expert on something is a open mind and a little education.  You can get that by visiting a good local bookstore, library, online bookstore, article directory... are you starting to see a pattern?  It's never been cheaper or easier to become an expert on something.  But try to maintain a little humility.  Even online. 

And online is brilliant.  You get to hang out with and learn from some of the best in the business for nothing and in almost every case, they listen to what you have to say and will often answer you.  I could start name dropping some of the names I hang out with online but it would seem to me like I'm bragging and there's just something about bragging that I find distasteful.  But I will say this just to give you some idea.  Several are New York Times Top Ten best selling authors and quite a few have been Number One on that list.  Several stars of The Secret and even singers and actors.  The point is that if you take the time to create a little expertise for yourself, as well as a strong desire to keep learning, you can bring amazing people into your life and create a strong reputation for yourself as an expert.

To do all that, am I smarter than you?  In most cases my money is on "no".  I wouldn't even go so far as to say I'm better.  No.  All I am is a work in progress, which means that I'm probably a little bit smarter, and a bit more of an expert, than I was yesterday.
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