An interesting happened this morning, but for it to make sense I've got to go on what may seem like a different tangent for a few minutes.  I know this type of storytelling annoys the crap out of some people, but I just want you to know that I'm okay with that.

We like to do our grocery shopping on a Friday morning.  We do it because it beats the weekend crowds, and we do it early enough to beat the Friday crowds too.  About the only times we make a change to this is when a Public Holiday falls on a Friday and we're generally motivated by circumstances to do our shopping on a Thursday.  Good luck beating any crowds then.

Normally, on a Friday morning, there's a shop I like to duck into.  I'll get one or two small items and sometimes I'll have a browse for a couple of minutes just to extend time out of the house.

The thing is, that the woman who's usually behind the counter of this shop comes across as quite... well, quite cold, if not a total snob at times.  In other words, she's genreally quite unpleasant to deal with.  When her husband is there, he's a completely different story.

I've spent months trying to figure out, if only for a few minutes once per week, just what the Hell her problem is.

So today, before I do all my "usual" stuff I'm faced with the need to go out and get a few things before getting things done.  One of the places I needed to go was this particular shop.  And the lady in question was there.  And the shop was unusually crowded for a Tuesday morning with customers lined up five and six deep at the registers.  And today she was an absolute treasure and delight to deal with and talk to.  Today I got great customer service with a smile.

And when I finished, as I walked out the door, the penny dropped.

All of a sudden I knew why she was so lovely today and why she seems so surly early on a Friday morning.  It's not the time of the week or the time of the day.  Okay, it is partly.

It's because at that time of day, virtually no one comes into the store.  The store opens really early every day, and hardly anyone comes in until between 9am and 10am.

She really likes to interact with people.  The more people the better.  The more people there are the more it lifts her energy and the more of herself she's got to give her customers.

Just a reminder to be careful of how someone's perceptions can affect their judgements, and how it pays to be careful of that very thing sometimes.

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