Today I want to keep it simple and make a return to the positive after my spleen venting yesterday.  A lot the work involved at any level of the Law of Attraction involves visualisation (and yes, I've deliberately spelled it both ways to make American and non-American readers comfortable). 

So what about all the previous talk about action and where it fits into the picture?  Stills stands and stands well as it is.

The thing is, that I've looked at this thing in a variety of different ways and from a variety of different perspectives over the last four or five years.  I've come across some absolute gold in my search and I've waded through piles of crap too.  Having said that, what may be perfect truth for me may be a boat load of garbage for you.  While I'm perfectly happy to share much of what I have had the grace to learn, the fact is that you're going to have to find your truth.  I'm not some preacher delivering the next Sermon on the Mount.  I don't claim to be and I don't want to be.  I'm just delivering what I've found to be true for me and what's worked for me. 

Okay, so what about visualtization?  What is it?  Well in one way, you could say it's basic goal setting, and you'd be right.  You decide what you want, picture it in your mind, and then trot off to get it.  Simple right?  Right.

But then there are some people out there who are just plain no good at goal setting, and the reason is usually that they don't know how to visualise.  Okay, so the reason why every successful person, or every successful Law of Attraction practitioner (or expert/guru) is where they are today, believe it or not, comes down to their ability to visualize.  It comes down to their ability to place themselves in the future, and see, hear, touch, feel (emotionally and tactilely) how their life turns out when they achieve that goal.

But what if you can't do it?  What if you can do it for 7 seconds but just can't sustain it beyond that?  Doesn't that mean that the Law of Attraction gurus are full of it and all the motivational experts and goal setting experts are right because you can't get anything without taking action?

Not at all, and I'll tell you why.

Both groups are actually telling you to do exactly the same thing, they're just telling you to do it using a different vocabulary to explain it.

I'll explain it to you while explaining a trick or two to help you visualize your goals.

Okay, here goes.  Any Law of Attraction guru/expert worth his or her salt will tell you to create for yourself a vision board or a vision book/dream folder.  You do this by taking a giant sheet of cardboard or a scrapbook, loose leaf binder or display folder, and you paste things into it, or on the cardboard that you want.  Your goals.  You can even write them in words if you prefer.  Then they'll tell you to look at it for 5, 10 or even 15 minutes twice per day.  Once in the morning within half an hour of getting out of bed, and once at night about half an hour befor going off to sleep.

The reason why these times are recommended is because at those times your brain is most likely to be in that not quite awake and not quite asleep state without the need to use meditation or hypnosis to go into the alpha state of consciousness.  You will also go into the alpha state regularly throughout the day, while reading, watching television, working at your computer (I'm there now) or even driving.  Being in this state is the best time for visualisation because in alpha your subconscious mind is 200 times more susceptible to suggestion than it is when you are in the beta (normal waking) state of consciousness.

Okay, sounds great so far, but what about all the motivation experts that say the Law of Action beats the Law of Attraction.  And what about the scientists who say the same thing.  Again, it's semantics and vocabulary.

If you look at Kiwi neuroscientist Dr Kerry Spackman, who is one of the foremost achievement experts in the world (what would it cost to get him to forsake working with the All-Blacks and start working with the Wallabies instead?), in his book The Winner's Bible, he is actually quite dismissive of the Law of Attraction and instructs readers to create for themselves a Personal Winner's Bible, using a display folder and images/quotes/poems/song lyrics printed onto pages and placed into the folder.  Then he instructs readers to look at this Personal Winner's Bible twice daily (have a guess at which times of the day he gives and for how long?).

Dr Spackman also instructs readers to imagine how it feels to have reached those goals (emotionally).  To see it, hear it, tactile sensations, smells, tastes... involving all the senses.  Dr Spackman says that the reason to do this is to create new neural pathways in the brain that are designed for achieving your goals and for creating success.  Just like many Law of Attraction experts say to do (John Assaraf springs immediately to mind).

Once you've done that, it's a lot easier to act.  In fact, severaly experts call this taking Inspired Action.  In other words, action that feels more like a pleasure than work because you're more fixated on the result than you are on all the odious chores you have to do to get it.

In other words, if you're having trouble seeing it, or holding the vision, create for yourself some outside help, or a prop to assist.  It's not a crutch.  It's a prop.

As an example, in my weight reduction journey, I have a picture of my ideal physique taped to a surface in my home gym in front of my treadmill.  So every morning when I work out I'm forced to look at it.  I also have exactly the same image in my office between my printer and my computer so that even as I'm typing away here, I can see it out the corner of my eye.  And it's helping.

So you see, that's just a few of the simple

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