I often find it interesting on the few occasions I pay attention to the news at just how many people out there, just don't get it.  And I'm not just talking about one level of society here either.  I'm talking about people, and organizations at every level.

You see there's something I take exception to.  It's the double standard that everyone seems to live by.  I constantly hear people in one format or another, be it in the media, online, or out in the street bewailing that the government needs to be stricter on this or that, and then in the very next sentence bemoan the sheer number of government controls that restrain their freedoms.

I think a lot of the problem stems from the fact that people in general have the definitions of leadership and government confused.  Leadership carries with it burdens like accountability and responsibility.  Those in government love to throw those words around as buzzwords and soundbites. 

In fact, have you ever noticed that politicians and certain corporate heads love to talk almost entirely in nouns and virtually never in verbs?

You see, there's the difference.  Leaders include verbs in their speech.  Everybody else (and yes I mean everybody else, because everyone who's not a leader is a follower) speaks in nouns.  They have a tendency to speak in a way that replaces verbs with nouns.

But it isn't just that either.

I take exception to this modern totalitarianism way of thinking.  The way of thinking that has experts convincing the rest of us, or at least trying to convince the rest of us, that the way to beat this social epidemic, or that social epidemic, is to increase prices through taxation.  Then the media usually asks some fat idiot in the street about whether it's a good idea to tax junk food and they'll tell you what a great idea it is, just not (insert their favourite junk food here).

Modern experts have got to be kidding me.  It seems that their only solution to anything is to demand that the government tax the crap out of it.  Which leads me to the issue of credibility, because then if you want to argue with them, they'll try to destroy your credibility by questioning your credentials.

This actually happened here in Oz very recently and I think I was the only one in the country who even questioned what was happening.

Recently a geology professor here published a book that questioned the whole climate change debate.  Contrary to popular belief, he wasn't actually questioning the fact that the climate is changing, but he said he wasn't convinced that it was manmade given that the geologic record indicated some pretty extreme changes in climate in the past.

The very next evening, the show he was interviewed on had as a guest presenter one of the leading advocates of the manmade climate change debate.  This leading light, when asked about the previous subjects view, called his credibility into question by saying that climatology is a very complex subject and maybe a little outside of the ability of a geologist to understand.  This of course never stops this particular expert from checking the geological record with geologists to find "evidence" to add credence to his argument.  So what are the scientific credential of one of Australia's leading climate change/carbon tax advocates?  He's an expert on dead lizards and boobs.  Palaeontology and Mammalogy.

I've said before that you need to be your own expert, but you need to be your own leader as well.

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