I've just had a converstion with a friend in the US via Facebook and it got me thinking about how, no matter what we have in common, no matter what we have as far as experiential similarities go, we will often come across a difference in perspectives.  By this I mean very simply that we just often have a different way of looking at things at the individual and cultural levels.

It's not that one is superior to the other, or even a case of right versus wrong.  It's simply a case of growning up with the filters we have that have been installed by our families, friends, institutions and culture and religion.  And let's not forget about the filters that we install into ourselves.

Also, let's remember too that many things constitute a filter.  Arrogance and cynicism are an example.  And they're not examples that are particularly desirable either.  One reason is because they're entirely reactive in their construction and implementation.  The other thing that you have to remember when confornted with a response from somebody that can be categorized as arrogant or cynical is that it's not a response of intelligence or strength (which is entirely their perspective).  It's a response of ignorance, weakness and fear.

It's a reaction that shows clearly their ignorance of anything outside thier own experience and their complete cowardice at being confronted with something so different that in their terror they have to attack.

On the other hand, my American friend likes to swim with sharks.  I on the other hand, prefer to eat them.  After he explained his feelings about sharks, he's welcome to swim with them and I accept that.  Here in Oz though, we've inherited the English tradition of fish & chips, and the most common fish we eat in this manner is called flake, which is shark.  After I explained it he accepted it.

That's because it's all just a matter of perspective.

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